Sportband Training

Sportbands have stormed onto the fitness scene recently. A sportband is essentially a big piece of latex or rubber which you can pull, push, curl, stretch or otherwise contort to develop strength in a variety of ways.

Why are they so appealing? A number of reasons.

1.) Inexpensive.
Comparatively, they cost a fraction of other pieces of fitness or resistance training equipment.

2.) Compact and portable.

You can literally roll them up and take them anywhere. They’ll fit in a bag or pack and can be attached to any stable, secure structure.

3.) Simple to use.
Even if you’ve never been to a gym, you can easily figure out a few basic movements like pressing, pulling and squatting.

For the more experienced athlete or fitness enthusiast, sportbands offer a handful of features that more conventional equipment doesn’t. You can work dynamic, power movements such as snapdowns and diagonal high-pull, as well as metabolic pushing and pulling drills, just to name a few. Cable systems, machines and freeweights make many of these drills and movements impossible.

The options for different exercises are literally only limited by your imagination. As for where to acquire these bands, we recommend you talk to Iron Woody at Woody’s been in the business a long time and has some of the best products and prices you’ll find anywhere.

Here’s a handful of exercises to get you started:

1 Arm Sportband Row:
Start by dropping down to a 1/2 squat and stablize your body.  With one arm extended and under tension from the band, pull the hand toward the body, keeping the elbow close to your ribs.


Diagonal Pulldown:
Start as shown with both feet together and grasping the band above your head.  Step out to one side and simultaneously pull down on the band with both arms.  This exercise can be done slowly or explosively, depending on your goals.


Lateral Resisted Lunge:
Start with the band secured around your waist and anchored as shown.  With the band under tension, laterally lunge TOWARD the anchor point, allowing the “stepping” leg to bend and the stationary leg to stay straight.  Use the bent leg to then press against the resistance of the band and bring the body back to an upright position.


Good luck, keep training hard and keep checking back for more articles, exercises and information.

The Hybrid Fitness Team