Partner Abdominal Drills

These days everyone knows the importance of training their “AB’s”. But just because you know they are important doesn’t mean that they’re fun to do. Some train their abdominals for performance reasons. Still others are obsessed with having a “six-pack” so they slave away on drills that they don’t really like but feel are required to satisfy the flat-stomach gods. Of course there are also those folks who love AB training and can not wait to get to it.

Regardless of which camp you belong to there are ways to make AB training a bit more fun and interesting then just doing crunch variations until you are numb with boredom.

In the video below you will see three different partner AB drills I use with my clients to keep them focused and engaged while targeting the important muscles of the mid-section.

Drill 1: Target Practice

In this drill have the person lay on their back with knees bent at approximately 90 degrees and feet flat on the floor. Position yourself on a stability ball so it is at their feet and resting on top of their toes.

Set a Timer (I use the Gymboss) for 30 seconds. Start the clock and position your hand as a target for the trainee to reach up and touch. Relocate your hand after each touch at random and varying locations. Never use the exact same placement two times in a row.

Continue this target placement until the 30 seconds is complete. Rest and repeat. For beginners I have them just reach with their hands. As people improve I add a small *weighted ball to increase the challenge. I usually do three sets, right hand reach, left hand reach, both hands reach. Increase intensity by adding a heavier ball, lengthening the work periods or shortening the rest periods.

Drill 2: Med-Ball Round and Round

In this drill have the person lay on their back with knees bent at approximately 90 degrees with feet in the air. There are two med-balls always in play in this drill.

In version one the person touches one ball on the floor over head and then throws it to the partner standing at their feet. The partner places a ball on the person’s feet which they then retrieve from that position to cycle around again.

In version two you reverse the action. The partner standing throws a ball which is caught, tapped over head, and then replaced on the feet to be cycled through again.

With Round and Round I usually do a set or two of each style for 30 seconds each. Increases intensity as in Drill 1 by adding heavier balls, increasing the work time or decreasing the rest time.

*I usually use small, 1 – 3 kg weighted balls for added resistance during “Target Practice” and standard 4 – 6 kg Med-Balls for the “Round and Round” drill.

The video should help clear up any confusion. Have fun and remember when it comes to partner AB exercises you are really only limited by your imagination.