1000 Rep Workout!

Taku and I are spending the weekend doing a 1000 rep workout.  Those new to fitness are saying “Wow, that’s a lot of reps!”  Those who have spent even a little time in the gym are saying “Whoa…that’s waaaay too much!”   The Fitness specialists who subscribe to the blog are saying “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!”

Well guess what…you’re ALL correct.  We’re doing the 1000 rep workout by choice, but it has a specific purpose and suffice it to say, it has noting to do with an actual routine.  Anyone who does 1000 reps of anything is truly missing the point and truly misguided.

So why are we doing it?  We’re capturing video footage for www.hybridfitness.tv.  When we’re done uploading, it will most certainly be something you’ll want to have access to.  Trust us.

Check back in for an update later today or tomorrow.

Keep training hard!

Jason K.
Hybrid Fitness