H.I.I.T – The Best Way to Train for Competition

At Hybrid Fitness, we’re big proponents of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). There is constant misconception and misinformation when it comes to training and reaching one’s “cardio” goals, especially when it comes to combat sports. We’ve always supported intervals as the most efficient and effective way of skyrocketing your endurance and developing what we like to call the “30 gallon gas tank”.

On that note, I just wanted to share this great bit of feedback I received from one of my clients:



I like to keep you up to date since you helped me so much get back into competition shape after I had ACL surgery.

Last weekend I competed in the Pan Ams with my son. He got gold in the teens division then competed in the teens absolute and got silver.

I got gold in the senior brown belt division and then got gold in the senior brown belt absolute division fighting guys 20 to 60 lbs bigger than me. I think I was the only light weight to win an absolute division.

I still use your H.I.I.T program (Taku’s Intervals) and still recommend it to people all the time.

Thanks Again,



So there you have it. If you’re still struggling with your conditioning or want to take it up a few notches, give Taku’s intervals a try. One’s conditioning will make or break their performance and this is especially true for fighters. The entire program is free at the link above. Check it out and stop fooling yourself with conditioning protocols that aren’t doing the job.

Pau for Now.

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