Another H.I.I.T Success Story

As many of you probably know, at Hybrid Fitness, we’re BIG proponents of High Intensity Interval Training (or H.I.I.T). Taku and I have integrated HIIT successfully into the programs of countless individuals of varying backgrounds and athletic abilities. I’ve personally used HIIT to train for a marathon. Honestly, every training session was focussed around short, maximal-effort intervals which had enormous carry-over into my general conditioning and a profoundly positive impact on my VO2 Max. More on that later.

Most recently, I’ve been working with a client who wants to get lean and back into her college shape. She has 2 kids (both very young) and a demanding, high-stress job in the tech industry. Needless to say, she has many factors in her life and schedule that preclude her from really taking the time she needs to get to the gym on a regular basis. She wants to get in better shape and wants to run, but the problem is, she HATES RUNNING. She has a mental block that prevents her from really turning on the effort and I’ve explained many times that a slow jog for a few blocks will never make any sizeable impact on her conditioning or aesthetic goals.

Not a problem.

I introduced her to HIIT about two weeks ago and I made her a promise. If she sticks with the HIIT training, she’ll see a difference in her body composition in a few week and an increase in her conditioning almost immediately. We literally have 3 HIIT sessions completed at this point and she called me yesterday to say she went running over the weekend (on her own) and noticed a profound increase in her running ability. Mentally and physically, she’s noticed a difference and that’s with only 3 HIIT sessions under her belt. To clarify, this is not someone who’s just started working out, either. She has a lifelong athletic history, though she’s never chosen to push herself or had someone push her.

I could write all day about the benefits of HIIT, but suffice it to say, it’s working wonders for my client and it can work wonders for most anyone. This includes competitive athletes. Honestly, entirely too much emphasis is put on LSD or Long Slow Duration training. Athletes of most any sport and certainly the average person looking to get in shape or better shape will benefit from incorporating some type of HIIT training into your program.

Look through some of our past postings for additional HIIT articles and audio clips.

Post your thoughts, HIIT success stories or questions to the comments section and we’ll address them directly.

Keep training hard!

Jason K.


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