The Number to Fear is 23

Alright, so I never try to be one to promote fearmongering, but I’m watching the news this morning and one of the many stats being hyped is 23%.  Of what you ask?  Percentage of Americans with Diabetes.  According to the CDC, approximately 24 Million Americans have diabetes (which is up 3 million over the last 2 years) and another 57 Million Americans have a condition called “pre-diabetes”.  Basically saying these pre-diabetics are well on their way to developing diabetes, they just haven’t hit the “official” diabetes numbers yet.

Like I said, I don’t like to promote fearmongering, but…..I don’t doubt these numbers for a second.  Yes, America is the land of the over-diagnosed and the over-medicated.  Yes, the first thing we do as a nation is get a pill or some other “quick-fix” for whatever ailes us.

As a nation, are we getting more out-of-shape and less healthy?  Damn right we are.  The ridiculousness of the whole thing is that it’s actually very easy to avoid.  It takes a little knowledge and some will power.

Where do you start?  Start by educating yourself.  There’s lots of information out in cyberspace and a bunch of it is complete crap.  Make sure your source(s) are reliable.  This blog is a great place to start because we have some programs, meals and nutrition information for free.  Take a look at the links on the right navigation bar of this blog and you’ll see other great sources for nutrition, training and products.

Next, formulate a plan.  Work out a fitness schedule and weekly nutrition plan.  If you can get your calories under control, you’ll be amazed how fast you can make body composition changes.  Figure out how many days a week you’re going to exercise, either in the gym, outdoors or in the comfort of your own home.

What if I don’t have access to a gym?  You don’t need a gym to get your heart rate up, your sweat flowing and your fat burning.  This is where the whole “will power” element comes into play.  Just get up from your chair, out of your house or office and get moving.  If you absolutely can’t get out, spend a little bit of money and get some gear that allows you to train at home.  Honestly, it doesn’t take much.  You don’t need to have hundreds of movements to make a program from.  In fact, most of the fitness professionals I know rely on a very small number of exercises that they cycle through.  Couple that with some basic cardio training and you’ll be well on your way.

Don’t be one of the 23%.  Don’t become one of the 23%.  Don’t even think about the number 23 (sorry Michael Jordan and Jim Carrey).

This is very brief information, I know.  Trust me, I could write for weeks and not get all the information out. With that said, got questions?  Post them to comments.  We’ll answer you back.

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Keep training hard.
Jason K.