Think you’re fit? Give Hi-Max Training a shot

We’re lucky enough to be working with a strength and conditioning coach by the name of Tom Kelso.  Tom is formerly the Director of Sports Performance for Pinnacle Performance Training and has recently taken a position with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department as an Exercise Specialist and Programming Director.  Tom is a very knowledgable guy and the audio interview we did with him was outstanding.  Those clips will be available at Hybrid Fitness when we go live.  In the meantime, register your name and email address on the site so we can keep you informed.

Here’s a video of Tom in action, working with one of his clients.  This particular type of training is called HIMAX Training.  As Tom describes it, normal HIMAX sessions result in about 12 – 15 exercises/intervals per 1/2 hour session and around 20 exercises for an hour session.  They factor in about 10 minutes of stretching as well, so the actual work duration is around 45-50 minutes.  As Tom says, “most who come to us are looking to lose fat and look better, thus we try to push them to their limit to maximize energy expenditure”.

Check out the video and feel free to post your comments.