Leg Conditioning Circuit

I gave this circuit a test run with a client on Tuesday morning.  We started off the workout with a series of sprint intervals up a shallow hill, so she was a little fatigued going into it, but regardless, the circuit is pretty effective.

Start with one time through the circuit, taking little to no rest time between exercises.  Rest a couple minutes, then go through a second time.  Although you’re not trying to necessarily fly through the exercises as fast as possible, you should keep a brisk pace and be able to complete everything in under 3 minutes.

As with most circuits, you can increase the intensity by:

  • Increasing the external resistance
  • Increasing the speed
  • Decreasing the rest time
  • Any combination of the above

Give it a shot and see what happens.  The Good Mornings can be completed using a dumbbell, barbell or a number of other implements.  Sandbags are nice because they’re versatile and portable.  I like to incorporate them whenever I can.  If you’re interested in picking some up, this is the place to do it:

Keep training hard!


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