Going to the UFC in Las Vegas

Wow, a great opportunity just came up – I’ll be heading to Las Vegas to see UFC 94 LIVE in Las Vegas this weekend.

The card is pretty stacked and the main event is one that shouldn’t be missed!  For those of you who don’t know, George St. Pierre is battling BJ Penn for the welterweight title.  These guys are both very skilled and amazing athletes so if you get the chance, watch this event.

I’ll be camera-ready and chronicle the weekend as best I can, excluding any late nights at the Roulette table.  I’ll try to blog from Vegas if time permits, but no promises.

Until then, keep training hard!


P.S.:  Anyone ever seen a UFC live?  I’d like to hear about your experience.  Post any of them to the comments section, please.

Today’s Interval Workout

So as you may or may not know, at Hybrid Fitness we’re HUGE fans of interval-based cardiovascular training and high-intensity strength training.

Why you ask?  Simple – we’ve found those two basic training philosophies to produce the best results in minimal time.  To quote a cliche’, “why train harder when you can train SMARTER”.  I’ve found intervals to be the best way to drop body fat in a hurry.

I’ve been very busy lately and when that happens, my own training tends to slip.  Not to let stress and a hectic schedule get the best of me, I jumped right back into the fray this morning.  Here’s what I did:


10 minute warm-up:
Steady state run: 10% incline @ 5 mph

Interval Bout:
Five 1-minute intervals followed by 1-minute rest
Up Interval:  12% incline @ 8 mph
Rest Interval:  12% incline @ 3 mph

Rest Bout:
3 minutes steady-state walk:  10% incline @ 3.5 mph

Tabata Interval Bout:
Tabata-protocol:  20 seconds ON / 10 seconds OFF
13 % incline @ 9 mph

Cool Down:
3 minutes:  5% incline @ 3 mph

Total Time:  30 Minutes

Quick recap:
1o  minute warm-up
10 minute interval series
3 minute rest
4 minute Tabata Interval series
3 minute cool-down

Total Time:  30 minutes


Taper the interval intensity to be challenging but not impossible, especially if you’re just starting out.  Before you increase speed, try increasing the incline or resistance first.

If you’ve got questions on training, post them to the comments section and we’ll reply back.

Keep training hard.


Don’t miss out!

Just wanted to let you know that the crew over at Iron Woody Fitness is having a closeout sale on Kettlebells and Medicine Balls!  If you’re looking to pick up some gear, now’s you’re chance.

Iron Woody also has some of the best sandbags and sportbands in the business.  They guarantee their products and I can personally attest to their durability – I still use the same bands and bags that I bought almost 5 years ago.  They’ve been beat up by everyone from retirees to firefighters and they’re still holding strong.  The bands alone offer almost unlimited variety.  Throw in some bags and ‘bells and you’ve got workouts to last a lifetime.

Get while the gettins’ good!

We’ve put together a huge video library at Hybrid Fitness, so if you pick up some of this gear and need ideas on what to do and how to do them, we’ve got the answers.

Keep training hard!


Better Organization = Better Results

When it comes to fitness and tracking your progress, it always helps to be organized.   If you take care to chart your progress and keep track of your results, you’ll likely see better long-term results.

Hybrid Fitness has been posting updates or “tweets”, as they’re called, on the social networking site Twitter for a while now.  It’s always interesting to see who you meet, what you learn and, perhaps most importantly, who wants to follow you.  One of the connections we made on Twitter is with a company called LobotoME, LLC.  Their website is www.lobotome.com.  They offer a bunch of great organizational tools, one of which is a simple, effective fitness tracking form they call “Fit ME”.  What I like about the FitMe is that they don’t overthink it.  Instead of putting in a bunch of columns, rows and categories for things you may or may not need, they keep it very basic and give you just what you need to keep yourself honest and stay on track with your diet and exercise.

Do yourself a favor and check them out.  They’ve got a bunch of other organizational tools you might find useful as well.  Things for home, office, travel, etc.

If any of our readers have a Twitter account, please feel free to follow our posts here.

Keep training hard.

The 3X3 Routine: (The hardest nine sets you will ever do)

This style of workout has probably been around in one form or another for quite some time. I first heard about it when doing some research on the work of Matt Brzycki, Coordinator of Health Fitness, Strength and Conditioning at Princeton University. Along with his duties at Princeton, Brzycki is a prolific author whose many works are focused on safe, rational and efficient training methods.

A 3×3 Workout is basically a multiple-joint hip movement followed by a multiple-joint chest movement followed by a multiple-joint upper back movement and repeated two more times with as little rest between exercises as possible.

Sequence one: You should reach muscle failure at about 20 reps for the hip exercise, 12 for the chest exercise and 12 for the upper back exercise.

Sequence two: Repetition goals would be 15 for the hip exercise, 10 for the chest exercise and 10 for the upper back exercise.

Sequence Three: Repetition goals of 12 for the hip exercise, 8 for the chest exercise and 8 for the upper back exercise.

A typical exercise selection for a 3X3 workout might be:

1. Squat – Bench Press – Barbell Row
2. Leg Press – Dip – Chin
3. Deadlift – Standing Press – Pull-down (palms in)

When doing the 3X3 routine it’s critical that you perform every set to muscle failure. It’s also important that you move quickly between exercises with as little rest as possible. The length of the recovery between exercises will depend upon your present level of metabolic conditioning.

If done properly you should be able to finish an entire 3X3 workout in about 10-15 minutes. Doing these types of workouts gives you the total package: strength, endurance and mental toughness.

WARNING: these workouts are much harder then they may appear. Only attempt them if you have a great fitness base and are used to workouts with a high Anaerobic output and minimal rest periods.


For Brzycki’s Ideas on H.I.T., go here:

For a list of Brzycki’s books, go here:



Interview for Maxcondition.com

Hey Everyone:

I recently did an interview with Coach Hale at http://www.maxcondition.com.   Please take a moment to check it out.


That’s all for now.   Thanks and please feel free to post any comments on the article.

Pau for now.