Today’s Interval Workout

So as you may or may not know, at Hybrid Fitness we’re HUGE fans of interval-based cardiovascular training and high-intensity strength training.

Why you ask?  Simple – we’ve found those two basic training philosophies to produce the best results in minimal time.  To quote a cliche’, “why train harder when you can train SMARTER”.  I’ve found intervals to be the best way to drop body fat in a hurry.

I’ve been very busy lately and when that happens, my own training tends to slip.  Not to let stress and a hectic schedule get the best of me, I jumped right back into the fray this morning.  Here’s what I did:


10 minute warm-up:
Steady state run: 10% incline @ 5 mph

Interval Bout:
Five 1-minute intervals followed by 1-minute rest
Up Interval:  12% incline @ 8 mph
Rest Interval:  12% incline @ 3 mph

Rest Bout:
3 minutes steady-state walk:  10% incline @ 3.5 mph

Tabata Interval Bout:
Tabata-protocol:  20 seconds ON / 10 seconds OFF
13 % incline @ 9 mph

Cool Down:
3 minutes:  5% incline @ 3 mph

Total Time:  30 Minutes

Quick recap:
1o  minute warm-up
10 minute interval series
3 minute rest
4 minute Tabata Interval series
3 minute cool-down

Total Time:  30 minutes


Taper the interval intensity to be challenging but not impossible, especially if you’re just starting out.  Before you increase speed, try increasing the incline or resistance first.

If you’ve got questions on training, post them to the comments section and we’ll reply back.

Keep training hard.