Episode #7 from IHRSA – Keiser Strength

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of the Keiser strength equipment here at Hybrid Fitness.  The pneumatic resistance is ultra smooth and the thumb control make it incredibly easy to adjust the resistance on the fly.  Plus, you can very easily do a strong concentric repetition, then instantly load up a much heavier eccentric rep.  It’s great.

One of the features they’ve added to their line is a digital readout panel that gives you details on rep count, power output from rep to rep, etc.  Check out the video and see for yourself.

If you get the chance, give this equipment a test drive.  You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for watching / reading…we’ve got lots more to come so stay tuned.



Episode #6 from IHRSA – Jacob’s Ladder

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE pieces of cardio training equipment. The Jacob’s Ladder is basically a ladder climbing treadmill, but to say that’s all it does would be doing it a major disservice.

The Jacob’s Ladder is hand’s down one of the most effective training tools I’ve ever used. It’s design and function make it perfect for interval training and by now you probably all know just how much we love interval training at Hybrid Fitness. The JL is self-paced, meaning the faster you step, the faster it goes. The slower you step, the slower it goes and it does all of this virtually instantaneously. It takes up a relatively small footprint, too, making it ideal for smaller facilities or, income willing, a home gym!

If you see one of these at a fitness facility or at a conference, do yourself a favor and try it out. Give it about 3 minutes and you’ll be totally convinced as to it’s effectiveness.

If anyone else has tried one, post your comments (positive or negative) to the comment section below.

Thanks for watching.  We’ve got more videos to come so keep checking back.

Keep training hard!


Episode #5 from IHRSA – VersaClimber

This year at IHRSA, we spent a fair amount of time at the VersaClimber booth and chatted it up with some great people.

The VersaClimber has always been one of our favorite pieces of equipment.  It’s absolutely IDEAL for interval training and the craftsmanship on all of their pieces makes them virtually bombproof.  Since the VC is great for intervals, that also means it’s an ideal tool for getting lean and skyrocketing your conditioning.  If you have one of these in your gym, STOP AVOIDING IT.  Give it a try and see how effective it can be.

Be sure and give their website a visit, too.

More to come from IHRSA so keep checking back.

Until next time, keep training hard!


Episode #4 from IHRSA – Ab Coaster

Not all ab machines are created equal.  Nor do all ab machine companies present their products at IHRSA.  Imagine our surprise when one did.  We saw the Ab Coaster booth and had to check it out.

Honestly, I think a lot of abdominal machines get dismissed before they even get tried.  Some of the infomercial pieces are actually pretty effective…but most are complete junk.

Anyhow, we gave the Ab Coaster a run through – check out the video for Taku’s critique.

Another vid coming tomorrow, so keep checking back.

Until then, keep training hard.


Episode #3 from IHRSA – Woodway Treadmills

We didn’t make it long at the conference before we ran into this new treadmill from Woodway.  For those who have never heard of Woodway, they make what are arguably the best treadmills available.  Totally bombproof.

This particular parabolic treadmill is self-powered, meaning there’s no speed control.  The user controls the speed by subtly moving further up or back on the concave platform.  As the user moves forward, the treadmill increases in speed and as you move back, it slows down.

After we got the rundown from one of the Woodway reps, Taku gave this baby a shot.  Trust us when I say it’s considerably more challenging than it looks.  If you get the chance, give this piece a try.

You know how much we love interval training at Hybrid Fitness.  This baby is an exceptional piece for doing sprint interval training.  We’ve got lots more to come so stay tuned for more crazy and cool videos from the IHRSA 2009 show.

Keep training hard.


Episode #2 from IHRSA (Suunto)

Here’s the next installment in our IRHSA 2009 trip.  We visited the Suunto Heart Rate Monitor booth and talked to them about some of the new features of their monitors.

Some of the new models measure E.P.O.C or Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption.  Basically it gives you real-time feedback on how many calories you’re continuing to burn after your workout.  According to the Suunto team, it factors in your personal statistics (height, weight, lean mass, etc.) as well as the exercise intensity.

All around, some very cool new features in the Suunto heart rate monitors.  Another new video is coming tomorrow so stay tuned!

Keep training hard.


Episode #1 from IHRSA (X-Force Strength Equipment)

Taku and I attended the IHRSA convention in San Francisco last week and saw some really great equipment.  One of the first stops we made was to the X-Force Strength Equipment booth.  This video will show and describe how the equipment works.

Suffice it to say we had a blast and this video is just scratching the surface of the cool stuff to come.  We’ll be posting a new video every day so keep checking back.   If you have specific questions, please post them to the comments section below.  We’ll answer them right away.

Thanks and keep training hard!