Excellent Sportband Conditioning Drill

Hey Everyone:

Here’s a great sportband conditioning drill for you to try – resisted runs.  These are very challenging, but you can vary the intensity simply by using a heavier or lighter resistance band.

You can use this drill as a warm-up or as a core element to your leg and cardiovascular training.  It works perfectly as a circuit training element or stand alone exercise.  Once you try it, you’ll see just how effective it can be.  Trust me and go try it!

Give it a shot and tell us what you think.  We’ll be posting another one very shortly, so make sure you check back for the next installment.

Keep training hard!

P.S.:  It’s very important that you use top quality bands for this drill and others like it.  The Free E-Book posted earlier talks about the importance of good bands.  I can’t emphasise this enough.  If you want good bands and don’t have them, we recommend you get them here.


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