Episode #3 from IHRSA – Woodway Treadmills

We didn’t make it long at the conference before we ran into this new treadmill from Woodway.  For those who have never heard of Woodway, they make what are arguably the best treadmills available.  Totally bombproof.

This particular parabolic treadmill is self-powered, meaning there’s no speed control.  The user controls the speed by subtly moving further up or back on the concave platform.  As the user moves forward, the treadmill increases in speed and as you move back, it slows down.

After we got the rundown from one of the Woodway reps, Taku gave this baby a shot.  Trust us when I say it’s considerably more challenging than it looks.  If you get the chance, give this piece a try.

You know how much we love interval training at Hybrid Fitness.  This baby is an exceptional piece for doing sprint interval training.  We’ve got lots more to come so stay tuned for more crazy and cool videos from the IHRSA 2009 show.

Keep training hard.