Episode #6 from IHRSA – Jacob’s Ladder

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE pieces of cardio training equipment. The Jacob’s Ladder is basically a ladder climbing treadmill, but to say that’s all it does would be doing it a major disservice.

The Jacob’s Ladder is hand’s down one of the most effective training tools I’ve ever used. It’s design and function make it perfect for interval training and by now you probably all know just how much we love interval training at Hybrid Fitness. The JL is self-paced, meaning the faster you step, the faster it goes. The slower you step, the slower it goes and it does all of this virtually instantaneously. It takes up a relatively small footprint, too, making it ideal for smaller facilities or, income willing, a home gym!

If you see one of these at a fitness facility or at a conference, do yourself a favor and try it out. Give it about 3 minutes and you’ll be totally convinced as to it’s effectiveness.

If anyone else has tried one, post your comments (positive or negative) to the comment section below.

Thanks for watching.  We’ve got more videos to come so keep checking back.

Keep training hard!