Taku’s Intervals for the VersaClimber

At the IHRSA 2009 show this year, we had a chance to reconnect with the team from VersaClimber.  We’ve used and recommended their equipment for years because the VersaClimber is one of the most challenging and effective training tools on the market and it continues to get better and better.

At Hybrid Fitness, we’re working with VersaClimber to develop a series of intense, ultra-effective interval training protocols.  The first is one you may already be familiar with.  We took the Taku’s Intervals program and specified it to the VersaClimber.  The e-book is posted on the VersaClimber website and you can download it for free.   http://www.versaclimber.com/combat_training.htm


This exact conditioning program is used by numerous amateur and professional athletes and fighters, including UFC legend Chuck Liddell.  It works exceptionally well for skyrocketing your endurance in a short amount of time.  Trust me when I tell you it will help you get lean and conditioned more effectively than anything else you’ve experienced.

Visit the VersaClimber site, download the Taku’s Intervals e-book and let us know what you think.  In the meantime, we’ll keep you posted on all the new developments.

Keep training hard!

Hybrid Fitness

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