Poor Man’s Pulling Sled

Hi Everyone:

Pulling sleds can be a great training tool for strength, stamina, conditioning, etc. and they make an awesome tool for short duration intervals.  As you know, at Hybrid Fitness we’re huge fans of interval training for boosting fat loss and skyrocketing your endurance.  When you don’t have a lot of room, sleds easily provide enough resistance to be able to do all your training in a very short distance.   Personally, I use them quite often when training fire fighters and we never have to venture beyond the station parking lot to train.

Unfortunately, most sleds that you can purchase from fitness retailers online are both expensive and bulky.  The sheer size of most sleds makes them very tough to store and transport.  In addition, they’re designed to be used with standard Olympic-sized weight plates, which you buy separately.

I found a very simple, very cheap solution that requires virtually zero additional work or expense.  One of the other key features is that I can load it up with sandbags, rocks, another person….whatever I have handy.  The nice thing about using sandbags is that I can run my clients through various circuits and everything they need is right there.  They can use the sled for a particular exercise, then grab the sandbags off of it for lunges, swings, squats, tosses or anything else the program calls for.  When they’re finished, the bag goes back on the sled and the fun continues.

The video below details my “Poor Man’s Pulling Sled”.  Concrete walls and a small training space isn’t the best for recording audio so apologies in advance if you have any trouble hearing.

Thanks for watching.  Keep training hard.

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