Exerbotics in Muscle & Fitness

Hey Everyone:

Just a quick note to bring an article to your attention.  Muscle and Fitness recently did a review on a bunch of new equipment that debuted at IHRSA 2009 a couple months ago.  Amazingly, they reviewed almost all of the same stuff we did…except we did it first!

Anyhow, the line of strength equipment from Exerbotics was very well liked.  Muscle and Fitness went so far as to call it the “gym of the future”.  It’s unlikely that many of you have tried any of the Exerbotics pieces, considering they just came out, but if you get the chance, I highly suggest you give them a shot.  Be prepared to blown away at the effectiveness of the line.  The whole Exerbotics team was very hospitable -they let us hang out for a long time and try all the pieces.  We were totally blown away by the effectiveness of the equipment and yes, the next couple days we were sore as hell.

I’ll be posting a video of a small block of time we spent trying out the Exerbotics stuff.

In the meantime, here’s the article from M&F.

Be on the lookout for the video which I’ll post a bit later today.  You can see all of the other IHRSA 2009 videos on Hybrid’s YouTube Channel.

Keep training hard!


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