Hybrid Fitness at IHRSA Episode 11 – Exerbotics (w/ VIDEO)

Hey Everyone:

This is a another episode from our adventures at IHRSA 2009 in San Francisco a couple months ago.  We stopped by the Exerbotics booth with no prior exposure to the company or their equipment.  It was all totally new to us.

What we found turned out to be pretty much the best strength equipment we’ve ever tried.  The Exerbotics line is all computer controlled and minimally built.  It’s very streamline and the computer interface is totally user friendly.

In a nutshell, the Exerbotics equipment MAXIMALLY works both the concentric and eccentric ranges on every single repetition. What you end up with is an extremely effective workout in very little time.  They are the apex of efficiency.  Check out the video and see what we mean.  The background noise and my “guerrilla” shooting style made it a bit tough, but you’ll get the idea.

I urge everyone to give this equipment a try if you get the chance.

Keep training hard!


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