Must See!! Some of the most ridiculous exercise equipment ever!

Hey Everyone –

I thought you all might get a kick out of this article from the San Francisco Chronicle profiling some of the biggest wastes of money to ever hit the fitness industry.  The author, Peter Hartlaub, found some absolute GEMS and posted his favorites.  NOTE:  Pay special attention to the Shake Weight and the Hawaii Chair.

I agree with the ridiculousness of all of these, aside from the Total Gym, which I’ve tried and actually like…sort of.  Granted, I don’t find it worth the price or  nearly as effective as the round-the-clock ads tout, but it’s pitched by Chuck Norris, so…it’s got that going for it.

Read the article, enjoy the videos and please post any comments below.  I’d love to hear if anyone has actually purchased and/or used any of these with any kind of results.  That includes everything from weight loss to vertigo to tendonitis of the wrist.   Don’t worry – your anonymity is safe with me!

Keep training hard!



3 Responses

  1. Haha, that stuff is hilarious. I will admit I jumped on one of the vibrating seat things at brookstone one time and I was completely embarrassed just not only in the fact I did it but it looks like something you’d get at a dirty store or something. give me a break. Atleast they make for great conversation.

  2. Wow. What a surreal experience that was.

    Like the author said; it’s hard to believe that these products are even real at all, especially the “iGallop” which not only sounds like it could potentially attract a lawsuit from Apple, but also looks so sexed-up in the ad that I almost wonder if it wasn’t created as some sort of sex-toy/novelty to be sold under the guise of being a workout machine.

    As for the “Shake-Weight”; to quote the author, does look to me to be the “most phallic moment in television” that i’ve ever seen, at least in a commercial. Priceless.

    And the “Hawaii Chair”?; that just looks plain dangerous to me. I can see the hot-coffee-accident-related lawsuits piling up right now…..

    thanks again for the light fare…


    • Exactly! I feel bad for the folks who actually spent money on these things. The term “buyers remorse” comes to mind.

      Thanks for the post, Bill.

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