Developing Quickness

Question: Can strength training improve an athlete’s quickness?

Answer: Quickness is a product of many factors, including  but not limited to (1) the amount of muscle on the body, (2) the amount of body fat, (3) the lean muscle mass to total body weight ratio, (4) skill level of the individual in question, (5) bodily proportions, (6) motivation.

One of the easiest ways to accelerate the development of quickness is to increase your lean muscle mass (up to a point) and or increase your bodies ability to produce maximal force. Increasing lean muscle mass will favorably change your ratio of muscle mass to total body weight. Once you have reached an optimal weight (the most lean muscle mass you can gain without slowing down) you should then focus on improving Mass-Specific- Force. The most effective way to accomplish these goals is through goal appropriate strength training combined with a well balanced diet.




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