At Hybrid Fitness we talk a lot about health fitness and performance. Frequent topics include strength, stamina, conditioning, nutrition and recovery. We take for granted that everyone knows exactly what we mean when we discuss these topics. But just in case, I have decided to define some of the most common topics discussed, so that in the future I know we are all on the same page.

Strength: The magnitude of phyisical strength determines the ability of a person to exert force on physical objects using their muscles

Skill: Specific adaptations developed through guided practice.

Functional Ability: The combination of six factors…1) Muscular Strength…2) Neurological ability..3) Bodily proportions…4) Cardio respiratory capacity…5) Skill…6) Flexibility. Numbers 2 & 3 are genetically determined and not subject to change.

Metabolic Conditioning: The body’s ability to handle repeated bouts of brief, high intensity stress to multiple systems simultaneously without performance being compromised.

Cardio Respiratory Ability: The body’s ability to process and untilize oxygen effciently and effectively (we consider this to be a component of Metabolic Conditioning).

Nutrition: The practice of developing and following a healthy, well balanced personal eating plan designed to promote and support robust health and vitality.

Recovery: The practice of creating the optimum balance of hard work via practice, training and conditioning with proper nutrtion, hydration and restorative modalites combined intelligently with adequate restful sleep.




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