Step up to the BAR


In part one of this article (April 6, 2009) I outlined a very basic strength training plan, using a barbell as your only tool. In part two (May 1, 2009 ) I showed you how to step it up a notch and turn this simple workout into an intense Strength and Conditioning plan by adding sprint intervals. In part three I am going to show you how to add a cyclical Personal Eating Plan that will support your training demands while allowing you to still get shredded.

We all know that eating is a key component to workout success. The challenge is often how best to manipulate your macro-nutrients to simultaneously aid in recovery, insure maximum energy on training days; while also allowing you to stay lean and mean all year round. The secret is cycling your carbohydrate intake to match your training demands. With this plan we will cycle through three different “carb” profiles matching them to our training and recovery schedule.

The three cycles will be High Carbs – Low Carbs and No carbs, respectively. Strength training days will be our High carb days. Conditioning days will be our low carb days. Finally all days off will be No carb days.

Adjusting to our current Step Up to the Bar program the cycle would look as follows:

Monday / Thursday = Low Carbs
Tuesday / Friday = High Carbs
Wednesday / Saturday / Sunday = No Carbs

There you have it a simple way to adjust your Personal Eating Plan to reflect your training and recovery needs. Tune in for part four when I outline exactly what a days worth of eating might look like on each of these cycles.




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