Step up to the Bar

Part Four: Personal Eating Plan Examples

In part one of this article (April 6, 2009) I outlined a very basic strength training plan, using a barbell as your only tool. In part two (May 1, 2009 ) I showed you how to step it up a notch and turn this simple workout into an intense Strength and Conditioning plan by adding sprint intervals. In part three (October 16, 2009) I showed you how to add a cyclical Personal Eating Plan that will support your training demands while allowing you to still get shredded.

Below (as promised in part three) are specific examples of what a day on each of the specific P.E.P. cycles might look like. Keep in mind that for any P.E.P. you must experiment to find the correct amounts of each macro-nutrient (Carbs – Fats – Proteins) that is required to meet your bodies personal needs. Use the examples below as a starting template and then fine tune for your own body.

Example of No Carb P.E.P. (used on “OFF” days)*
Meal 1. 4 eggs any way, or 6-10 egg whites, 2 slices of ham, 2 Oz l/f. Mozzarella cheese. Make into omelet, if desired add chopped veggies 

Meal 2. Small tin of tuna (6 Oz) in oil (drain oil), ¼ avocado, salad or 2-3 scoops Whey Protein + 1 Tbsp Flax Oil in 10 Oz water

Meal 3. Chicken breast w/- veggies &/or salad (stir-fry) & ¼ avocado

Meal 4. Handful of nuts or 3-4 Oz meat (ham, turkey etc) & 2 piece string cheese Or protein drink as above

Meal 5. Steak (8 Oz) with veggies, salad & ¼ avocado

Drink tea, coffee, or water. (If not using the ECA stack** then a load of brewed coffee is best)

Example of High-Carb P.E.P. (used on strength training days)
Meal 1. Non-fat milk (8 Oz), Oatmeal (8 Oz cooked), 3 egg whites (stirred into oatmeal), 5 dates (chopped & stirred into oatmeal) 

Meal 2. “Power Shake” 8 Oz Non-fat milk, 8 Oz Non-fat yogurt, 1 Banana (mix in blender)

Meal 3. Roasted chicken (6 Oz), rice (1 cup), beans (6 Oz), Sherbet (3 scoops)

Meal 4. Cottage cheese (1 cup), Pears (canned in own juice) 4 halves

Meal 5. Peanut butter sandwich 1 Tbsp p-nut-butter + 1 Tbsp jelly on sprouted (flour-less) bread, Non-fat milk (1 cup) 1 Banana

Example of Low-Carb P.E.P. (used on conditioning days)
1. Scrambled Eggs and Fruit. 1 whole egg. 2-3 egg whites. Tomato, peppers onions etc (your choice). 1 large orange 

2. Protein Shake. 2 scoops Protein Powder. 1 cup Strawberries, fresh or frozen. 2/3 cup peaches, fresh or frozen. 1-2 cups water. 1 -1/2 Tbsp Almonds or flaxseed oil

3. Cantaloupe Fruit Salad. ½ of a melon. I cup cottage cheese (low fat or non-fat). 5-10 seedless Grapes. ½ cup sliced Strawberries. 2 tsp Sunflower seeds

4. Cottage cheese with Pineapple. 1-Cup cottage cheese w/ 1-cup pineapple

5. Grilled Salmon and Vegetables. Salmon steak grilled (4-1/2 oz). Onions sweet large size (3 thick slices). ½ green pepper (sliced). 1 zucchini (sliced). Green salad (2 cups). I cup Peaches, fresh or frozen for desert

Use artificial sweeteners to sweeten protein drinks & hot beverages only if you feel it is required. (I do not recommend artificial sweeteners)

*Absolutely no fruit or sugar sources on no carb days.

Well there you have it, a P.E.P. designed specifically to support your training program. Combine this with the Step up to the Bar S&C program and I am sure you will reach your goals in no time.