Nine Facts About Fitness

At Hybrid Fitness we are big fans of training that is efficient and effective. One of the things that has stopped folks from adopting exercise as part of their lifestyle is that they feel there just isn’t time to add anything meaninful to their already extremely busy schedules.

If you have been visitng here for a while, you should be aware that the secret is not in the quantity but the quality of effort you put forth. Check out this very interesting series of articles featuring Nine Facts about Fitness. Of special importance to me are numbers 2 & 4. Notice that these two sections clearly support what I have been saying for quite some time: “a little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing”. Pay close attention to the recommendations for strength training in section 4.

So stop making excuses and add some brief, intense and infrequent bouts of quality exercise to your weekly schedule. I promise you will be glad you did.



P.S. if you want to try a workout program that requires little to no equipment and will have you in super shape in about an hour per week, check out:


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