Three to Grow on!

As you know, at Hybrid Fitness we love strength training programs that are brief, intense and highly productive. With this in mind I offer the following simple plan. Pick three, big, basic movements and do three sets of each one. Add weight on each set and aim to hit your max for the recommended rep ranges.

You may choose any big three movements but my top choice would be:

1.  Clean Dead-lift and Shrug*
2.  Standing Barbell Shoulder Press
3.  Front Squat

The target rep range is 8 – 6 – 4 on each exercise. Do all three sets of the first movement before moving on to the next. Rest 120 seconds (2 minutes) between sets. Every two weeks, subtract 30 seconds from your rest period until you are resting only 60 seconds between sets. You should easily be able to complete this workout in under thirty minutes. It will take even less time as you shorten the rest intervals every two weeks. Couple this up with some good GPP work such as sled pushing / dragging, sandbag carries, hill / stair  sprints…You get what I am saying, DO WORK!

Try this plan for the next 8-12 weeks and you should be looking and feeling your best just in time for summer vacation.




* To find out about the Clean Dead-lift check out this article:

If I Had to Pick Just One….(w/ video)

Posted on March 6, 2008 by hybridfitnes