Well summer 2010 is fast approaching and people everywhere will be re-committing to making fitness an important part of their lives. Weather you are an athlete preparing to begin a new training cycle, or someone just getting ready for bathing suit season, Hybrid Fitness has something for you.

 At Hybrid Fitness we specialize in workouts featuring Low-Tech tools that produce High Performance Results. If you are a regular subscriber to our e-news letter then you have noticed a lot of cool exercise ideas apearing in your in-box over the past few weeks. We will be sending out some more great training ideas and quick workouts in the near future; just what you need to get a jump start on fitness for the summer. With this in mind I present a quick little workout called…


 Perform the following Circuit.

 1. Lunge Squat Combo
2. Alternate Band Rowing
3. T- Push-up
4. Alt V-Up w/ Med-Ball
5. Dynamic Stepping on box
6. Band Burnout Rows
7. Power-Over Push-ups w/ Med-Ball
8. V-Sit twists w/ Med-Ball

 Beginners start with 30 seconds on, 15 seconds off. Your goal is to work up to 60 seconds on, 15 seconds off. When this gets easy add a second and then a third circuit. Continue until you can complete three circuits consecutively with minimal rest.

(See the link below for a video demonstration of each movement)
*Note link may only remain acive for 30 days

Have fun and enjoy your new Beach Ready Body.