What do you do?

People often wonder what my own personal training routine looks like.

Well…I’ll tell you.

I train with weights about 5 times every two weeks. Mon-Wed-Fri in the first week and then Mon-Thu the second week.

I always do total body workouts.

The total sets per workout vary from 5-6 at the low end to about 15-18 at the high end. Most often I do about 7-10 hard sets.

Once I am warmed up, I rarely do more than one, all-out work set set per exercise.

I vary my reps from 3-6 at the low end to as high as 20 for some exercises.

Just about every other workout is “HARD” meaning I take every work set to MMF. (Momentary Muscular failure)

On the NTF (not to failure) days, I use the same weight but stop a few reps short of a best effort. Usually I leave at least 2-3 reps in the tank.

I follow my weight work with Brief, intense interval sessions. Usually no more than about 12 minutes.

I cycle my cardio (when indoors) between Running on a basketball court, Treadmill running, Stationary bike, Step-Mill, Rowing Machine. When outdoors I most often run hills or go to a high-school track / football field to run sprints of varied lengths.

Looking at the above information you can see that my training is brief, intense and rather straightforward. There is a bit more to it then that but it is certainly not too complicated. In my next installment I’ll give a brief over-view of my Personal Eating Plan.





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