How to save time and money while still eating well

(Part One)

It’s the year 2010, can you believe it? By now almost everyone has a pretty good idea of what healthy eating is all about. But, like so many things it is not the knowing but the doing that seems to hold so many of us back. Eat right, exercise, drink your water, go to work (or school) play with the kids, have a social life…How do we find the time to do it all?

Let’s look at a couple of simple strategies that we can use to both shop for food and cook more efficiently. By saving time with these two basic steps we will find that we can perhaps find a few more minutes to get in some sprints, read a book or drop by and visit and old friend. I am going to save you some time, where and how you choose to use these precious extra minutes or perhaps hours, will be completely up to you.

First you should plan to shop for two weeks worth of food at a time. This applies to all the stuff that is easy to keep such as meat and sprouted flourless breads which can be easily frozen and thawed out when needed. Buy your meat in bulk, 4-5 pounds of chicken or beef can easily be frozen and thawed out when needed. Some foods can be stored for much longer periods of time such as rice, oatmeal, dried beans as well as grains like buckwheat. For these buy enough to last 1-2 months. I buy oatmeal in 50lb bags. Not only does it last a long time it is in-expensive as well.

When you are ready to prepare your meat, plan on cooking an entire pack at one time (more on this later) Baking, barbecuing and stir frying can all be done with large quantities. Season things the way you like, cook using your method of choice and then freeze any unused portions to be eaten over the next two weeks. If you know you are going to have something more often then freezing won’t be necessary, it will keep just fine in the fridge. Pastas, grains, rice and beans can all be cooked in bulk as well. Cook up a couple of day’s worth and keep it in the fridge in re-sealable containers.

In part two we’ll explore more about shopping and then get in to the good stuff, tips to show you how to be efficient with quick bulk food preparation ideas.