Is your kitchen in shape?

Whether you are new to Hybrid Fitness or you’ve been poking around for a while, you have probably noticed we have tons of great info on creating healthy and delicious personal eating plans. In my recent article series “How to save time and money while still eating well” I talked about different ways to improve the efficiency of both your shopping and your food preparation. With those simple pointers you will save valuable time and money while learning to eat well.

To be efficient and effective when you are cooking great meals you need to have your kitchen basics covered. In this article I am going to briefly outline the things every well equipped chef needs, to be ready for anything.

  • 1  sharp 8” knife
  • 1 sharp 4” paring knife
  • 1 set of measuring spoons
  • 2 glass measuring cups
  • 1 good spatula
  • 4 wooden spoons
  • 1 heavy duty colander
  • 1 cheese grater
  • 1 vegetable peeler
  • 1 garlic press (solid metal)
  • 1 good food scale
  • 1 can opener (don’t get the cheap ones)
  • 2 large glass mixing bowls
  • 2 large stainless steel mixing bowls w/plastic lids
  • 1 non-stick stir-fry pan w/lid
  • 1 real griddle pan, non-stick
  • 1 10” omelet pan
  • 1 set plastic storage containers w/lids
  • 1 set quality pots and pans
  • Assorted sponges
  • Paper towels

This is a good starting place to make sure your kitchen is well stocked for just about any cooking project. Some optional ideas may include but are not limited to the following: A George Forman Grill. A Heavy duty blender (again don’t skimp on this). And, if you want to get really creative buy yourself a nice food processor.

Bonus shopping list:

This list is certainly not all inclusive but it is filled with enough great ideas for healthy foods that you will probably not need to buy much else. Get the things on this list, take them home to your well stocked kitchen, and you will have everything you need for creating a clean and balanced personal eating plan.

Print this out and take it with you when you do your weekly shopping.

Supplements: (buy quality on all of these)

Whey or blended Milk & egg Protein – Fish oil Caps – Multi-Vitamin

Protein: (Strive for grass fed, free range meats and poultry as well as wild caught fish. And when you can, buy organic dairy products)

Eggs – String Cheese – Ground beef (10% or less fat) – Non-fat milk – Turkey – Fish (example Salmon) – Tuna packed in water – Chicken breast – Top sirloin steak – Canadian Bacon – Cottage Cheese (low-fat)

Starchy Carbs: (look for organic and or locally produced)

Oatmeal – Buckwheat – Sprouted, flourless bread – Brown Rice – Yams/sweet-Potatoes – Pitas – Whole grain Pastas

Fruits: (look for organic and or locally produced)

Apples – Oranges – Pears – Grapefruit – Grapes – Melons – Berries – Plums – Peaches – Mangoes – Bananas –  Tangerines

Vegetables: (look for organic and or locally produced)

Spring Mix greens – Mushrooms – Green, Red, or Yellow Peppers – Broccoli – Tomatoes – Asparagus – Squash – Zucchini

Friendly Fats: (look for organic and or locally produced)

Raw Nuts & Seeds – Natural Nut Butters – Avocado – Olive Oil – Fish Oil – Flax Seed Oil – Natural Vegetable oils




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