Gym Floor Circuit

Here is a BRUTAL conditioning workout that is great to do if you have access to a full-size Basketball court.

Try it now!

(on a basketball court)
Use either light dumbbells or a weighted aerobic bar
Complete all 19 stations with minimal rest between each
1. Bar/DB forward lunges down court and back
2. Bar/DB overhead press x 20
3. Bar/DB lateral lunges to mid-court, turn 180 degress,
continue to end line
4. Bar/DB bent-over row x 30
5. Run 4 lengths of the court (down, back, down, back)
6. Bar/DB squat x 35
7. Bar/DB uopright row x 20
8. Bar/DB forward lunge down court
9. On floor – bicycle crunches x 1:00
10. Push ups x max reps
11. Bar/DB held at arms-length overhead, run 4 lengths of the court
12. Bar/DB squat-to-overhead press x 20
13. Run 4 lengths of the court
14. Bar/DB overhead press x 20
15. Bar/DB run 2 lengths of the court with 5 squats at the free throw line,
mid-court, far free throw line and end line
16. Push ups x max reps
17. Mountain climbers x 100
18. Bar/DB lateral lunges to mid-court, then back to end line
19. Squat thrusts x 12

This is another awesome workout from my friend Tom Kelso.




Back on March 16, 2009 I posted a recipe for my “OLD-SCHOOL SUPER SHAKE”. Well, I am not sure if anyone was brave enough to try it. Not only is it calorie rich (not always a bad thing) it is made with whole, raw eggs and whole, raw milk. Some folks are a little scared of eating the raw stuff for fear of salmonella and other scary things.

As I stated in the original article, I am a fan of eating real food. After all, when you think about it, most protein supplements are just some form a of powdered milk and or eggs. Now don’t get me wrong, I do use protein powders some times. They are very convenient, and make it easy to create quick, nutrient-dense meals in a hurry. For the most part however I prefer to use real milk and real eggs when I can.

To keep people from being scared of both the calories as well as the “RAW” factor from my original recipe, I have created what I hope may prove to be a more “user- friendly” version of the OLD-SCHOOL SUPER SHAKE.

In place of the raw eggs I use pure, liquid egg-whites. These come pre-packaged and are already pasteurized so you won’t need to worry about the evil germs. In place of the raw milk, we’ll use non-fat milk (the kind you can get anywhere). To make it sweet and yummy we’ll replace the honey with a nice, big banana. And finally, to add back in a little fat, I like to toss in about a Tbsp of raw, organic, peanut butter (any nut butter will do).

The final shake should look like this:

1 cup non-fat milk

1 Large Banana

1 Tbsp of nut butter

1 cup pure, liquid egg-whites

Add the milk, banana and nut butter to the blender and blend on high for about 30 seconds. Pour the egg-whites into a large, clean cup. Add the milk mixture to the egg whites and stir gently.* Finally, if you have a sweet tooth and feel that even with the banana this drink is not quite sweet enough, add a small amount of stevia.

Drink it down, and enjoy the yummy goodness.



* I have found that this shake is better if you do not blend the egg-whites in the blender.

4 Quarters

Here is a great workout from my friend, Tom Kelso.
Give this one a try and see how you do.
4 Quarters
Do these exercise movements in this order, as follows: Chest Press, Pull-down, Multi-joint Leg 1, Overhead Press, Low Row, Incline Press, Upright Row & Multi-joint Leg 2.
1st Quarter: 15 reps to failure/max reps each exercise with 1:00 rest between exercises.
(rest 2:00)
2nd Quarter: 10 reps to failure/max reps each exercise with 1:00 rest between exercises.
(halftime – rest 3:00)
3rd Quarter: 5 reps to failure/max reps each exercise with 1:00 rest between exercises.
(rest 2:00)
4th Quarter: holding dumbbells (e.g., 20 to 40 lbs.), do these exercises x reps: squat x 6, overhead press x 6, bent-over row x 6 and to the ground for dumbbell push up x 6.  Do 4 ROUNDS of the 4 exercises with NO REST and WITHOUT SETTING THE DUMBBELLS DOWN.
Brief & Intense
Enjoy the pain.

Don’t forget your Neck

Much of my recent career has been spent working with combat athletes like boxers, wrestlers, MMA fighters etc. I also include sports such as hockey, football and rugby in the realm of combat athletics. Along with the many other factors that make up a complete training program for these types of athletes, is having an effective plan to strengthen the neck muscles. Having a strong neck is key both to allow for maximum performance and even more importantly to help protect from possible injury.

In my personal opinion most regular folks can and will benefit from adding a brief, intense, and effective neck strengthening routine to their current strength training program. Training the neck is not difficult to do and because most folks necks have rarely experienced any exposure to strength training, these muscles tend to respond rather quickly to a training stimulus. An effective neck training program will only add about 5 minutes to your program and their are a variety of tools and methods that are readily available to you to accomplish this goal. Below are links that will lead you to examples of several of the methods and or tools available for neck strengthening.

There many ways to train the neck:

1. Manual Resistance
2. Neck Harness
3. Dedicated machine
4. Resistance Bands
5. Exercise Ball

My neck routine looks like this:

Neck & Trap Exercise Sequence

1. Neck Flexion – 12 reps (60 seconds TUT)

2. Neck Extension – 12 reps (60 seconds TUT)

3. Lateral Flexion Right – 12 reps (60 seconds TUT)

4. Lateral Flexion Left – 12 reps (60 seconds TUT)

5. Shrugs – 12 reps (60 seconds TUT) Seated or Standing (can be performed with dumbbells, barbell, cables or Smith Machine etc.)

If you are lucky enough to have access to a dedicated neck training machine, I recommend that you give it a try. If your facility does not have such a device, take the time to learn and apply one or more of the other methods described above. Regular neck training may help improve posture, lesson headaches and also help protect you in the case of an unexpected slip, fall or other collision.

You’ve got five minutes, so get to it!



P.S. I wrote an article on neck training back in April 10, 2008. I decided to add another because I feel it is a very important an often over-looked area. Rather than just point people to the archives I figured let’s just do a new one.

New Training Tool

PART TWO: Weight Training for MMA

Hey Gang, I want to introduce a friend of mine. Steve McKinney.

Steve has been a strength coach and trainer for over 20 years and is an advocate of safe, efficient, and effective training.  During his long training career Steve has trained a wide variety of people, but has recently found a niche working with MMA and submission grappling athletes.

Steve has taken the original H.I.T. style concepts and adapted and innovated them creating workouts that are extremely brief and intense, while simultaneously understanding the many other factors that athletes are coping with which may place high demands on their recovery ability. By doing so Steve has created the best of both worlds, workouts that are result producing yet not over taxing to the athletes systems.

Steve has developed a unique system of strength training for combat sports, that really works. It’s measurable, rational, objective and result producing.

Steve has written an E-Book Called “Weight Training for MMA”. The book is loaded with GREAT information, including dozens of exercise descriptions and pictures.

Here is some of what you get:

4 off-season routines

4 in-season routines!

An outlined diet plan!

A simple, brief and intense approach to cardio!

The book also contains all the information you will need, to know how and when to adjust your program variables, such as training load, volume, frequency and intensity.

Steve also created an instructional… “How To Video” for using his system!

Watch him take 3 different people through workouts!

There is also an added Bonus videotaped workout! You’ll see pro fighter Clay French, KOTC Champion and Pride veteran go through a brutal, HIGH INTENSITY workout, as Steve supervises the session. It’s uncut and live!

After reading the book and watching the videos you’ll have all the information you need to create simple and effective workouts that will have you ready for action in no time.
This is the ACTUAL system that Kyle Watson used pre-TUF!!!!

To go directly to Steve’s web–site, click this link: Strength Training For MMA


P.S. If you want to get stronger quickly and safely… if you want to take advantage of one of the better workout protocols around… if you are ready to take your game to the next level, I sincerely believe this system will help!