Is Daily Activity Beneficial?

By Jim Bryan:

Over training is a pretty hot subject. It has been on the minds of many since Arthur Jones brought it to our attention approx. 30 years ago. Yes, it has been that long. Some say there is no such thing as over training, that it is more like under training. While I don’t believe the last “Macho Speak” I don’t worry so much about over training anymore. When Arthur told me about over training he was speaking about being in the gym day in and day out just pounding away with the long drawn out workouts I used to do. I never really let myself recover and compensate.

When I first started training you had to look hard to find information on weight training. You weren’t blasted with the info, the way we are today. If my memory serves me we had two basic schools of thought back then. The first was ” You shouldn’t do anything except workout. If you worked a hard job or did a hard sport your muscles would suffer.” Even though I thought about this quite often back then I couldn’t wrap my brain around it. The other school of thought was made up of guys that couldn’t afford to lay around all day and had to work. Many times at very physical jobs. Or they spent off gym days pursuing a demanding sport. I was one of these. I not only went after one sport but tried everything I could. I was very active. I loved contact sports. Being a little guy I guess I had something to prove.

Later on after I got more into Bodybuilding, I trained more often, Sometimes twice a day. Almost always 6 days a week. Plus sports!  I met Arthur Jones in 1970. Things changed slowly after that. I say slowly because it’s hard sometimes to change. I am sold on hard brief workouts now but I don’t exclude longer workouts now and then. I really like variety.

“Daily Activity”
What does it mean to me? I still caution trainees about spending too much time in the gym but I don’t take that to the extreme, as some have. I feel each individual’s recuperation abilities differ. Here is what I recommend to my trainees and clients. Workout hard two to three days a week AND then find a sport that you can have fun with. AND I don’t mean a sport like checkers or chess. I mean a sport that has you up and on your feet! AND outdoors if at all possible. Here in Florida we have weather that allows us to be outdoors as much as we want. You can do sports and practice as often as you like. To me that is a perfect reason to build muscle and conditioning in the gym. After all that work in the gym go out and use it! I really don’t understand training only for looks. I’m not talking about the “Functional Training” gimmick either (Yes, it’s a gimmick). Build strength and endurance, and use it!  Don’t be afraid that you will lose precious “muscle size.” Just get up, get outside pull a sled, play Football, Baseball, Tennis, Jog, run Sprints, Box, Wrestle, participate in Martial Arts, play Soccer, water ski, surf. USE your muscle! Be a complete person.

Be an Athlete! Good luck! Train hard, train smart, be consistent! And above all have fun with your training!


Thanks to my friend Jim Bryan for another excellent article.

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