Make your workouts Safe and Rewarding:

Information to help make your workouts  Safe and Rewarding:

By Jim Bryan

1. Wear comfortable clothes. Including a shirt.

2. Wear proper shoes. (Should cover whole foot and fit securely) No sandals, flip-flops, or bare-feet. Tennis shoes or athletic shoes best.

3. Ask about proper breathing when training. Don’t hold breath!

4. Have someone (that knows) show you the proper way to use equipment. Do this in all gyms you visit and you’ll keep yourself safe.

5. If doing multiple sets on selectorized machines GIVE WAY to some one doing single set circuit training. ABOVE ALL don’t sit on equipment and rest. Chairs are for resting and it’s rude to  sit on equipment when someone’s waiting.

6. Multiple training partners: Same as above. Don’t hog equipment. Ask if they want to work through.

7. Take frequent water breaks.

8. Make sure you don’t have anything in your pockets that will poke holes in or tear the upholstery. Also, you shouldn’t need a lifting belt in a machine with a seat belt.

9. Use the seat belts if the machine has one.

10. Machine weight stacks shouldn’t be making a banging noise. If they are you are not getting optimal stimulation from the exercise. Slow down, use a weight you can handle properly and control the movement.

11. Unload equipment when you are done and put it back in it’s proper place. This is just common courtesy. If you’re strong enough to put on 45 or 100 pound plates…You’re strong enough to unload them!

12. In resistance training, NO amount of “Single Joint,” “Shaping,” or “Toning” exercises will equal the results you  can get from a brief routine consisting of  Basic “Multi Joint” movements that cover the whole body. There really aren’t any short cuts. You have to put in the time and work. This goes for Men and Women! Walk away from anyone that tells you differently.

13. Be very careful who you get your supplements from and where you get them. Use a certified professional.  There are NO“miracle pills.”

14. Once checked out on a proper Strength Training routine you should be able to walk into a gym anywhere and have a safe workout, away from the prying eyes of the gym salesmen that lurk in almost every Gym Chain or Franchise. The only thing you may need is an explanation of unfamiliar equipment.

TAKU’s NOTE: This article was originally written in 2002 by my friend Jim Bryan. Thanks to Jim for sharing his thoughts about safe and rewarding training.