Stop making excuses, and get to work!

TAKU’s NOTE: This Week features a couple of excellent posts from two, awesome, Strength and Conditioning coaches; Jim Bryan, and Tom Kelso.

Too busy to Workout

By Jim Brian

I guess you are pretty unique since you happen to be too busy to get a workout in. Right? First question “Are you really serious about training?” No, I mean really serious! Did you have time to eat? How about having time to brush your teeth? Did you have time to shower or take a bath?

How do people do it? To start off, They really WANT to! They don’t look for excuses, getting a workout in is important to them. They find a way to do it. Can’t go to the gym? Then do something at home. Don’t have equipment? Then do some bodyweight exercises. Take a walk. DO SOMETHING! Don’t sit on your spreading backside. Get up and move!

On the road? Staying in a Hotel? Do they have a gym? USE IT! No gym? Do some bodyweight exercises in your room. Get up early, go for a walk. Too cold outside? Walk the stairs. For that matter try to always find the stairs in Hotels, and office buildings. Use them instead of the elevator.  Not gonna do that? Then don’t say you are serious about getting into shape. Because you are NOT! If you look for an excuse instead of just “Doing it” Then don’t tell anyone that “You don’t understand why you’re still fat.”

“I have dieted for three whole days and haven’t lost any fat yet!” OK, so you have cut your food for a couple of days. That’s good!

What else did you do? Now, don’t tell me you didn’t do any physical activity. Cause if you do, I know you aren’t serious and the first chance you get, you’ll sneak some junk down your pie hole.

Get serious! Don’t make excuses! GET up and MOVE!

How many times did you workout last week? I’m not talking about the 10 minute treadmill walk. That is just a warm up. If you go to the gym and just walk on a treadmill or ride a bike for 10 minutes a couple of times a week, you are screwed. You will get a small conditioning effect but you are still gonna be FAT! ACTIVITY plus a good diet will help you get rid of the backside and inner tube gut. Just DO IT! Make working out part of your daily routine or just be fat and make excuses. It’s your choice, just don’t bitch about being fat if you won’t Get up and move.


By Tom Kelso

There are 168 hours in a week.  Training 3 times per week for 1-hour = only 1.79% of the entire week.   That is doable.

Not convinced?  Let’s get realistic:

Work 8 hours / day at 5 days / week = 40 hours

2 hour preparation and travel time to and from work each day (2 x 5) = 10 hours

30 minutes for each meal eaten each day (x 3 = 1.5) x 7 days = 10.5 hours

Sleep time at 8 hours per night (x 7) = 56


168 total hours in week – 116.5 = 51.5 remaining hours for other things (e.g., family time, recreation, errands, relaxing, etc.).

3 x 1-hour training sessions each week = 5.8% of the remaining 51.5 hours.

3 x 45 minute training sessions each week = 4.37% of the 51.5 remaining hours.

3 x 30 minute training sessions each week = 2.9% of the remaining 51.5 hours.

Find the time, make the time, stick with it, no excuses.