Daily Practice

Hidden in your daily routine are many opportunities to sneak in a little fitness. Here are five simple ideas that will improve your fitness in no time.

    1. challenge your balance: When you are getting dressed in the morning or brushing your teeth etc, try balancing on one foot. You’ll be surprised how challenging this can be if you are not used to it. As our bodies attempt to remain stable, lots of little muscles are working to keep us upright.
    1. Rub-a-dub: After you shower, give yourself a vigorous rub down with a good towel. It’s like getting a massage and stimulates blood flow to all those tired muscles aiding in recovery.
    1. Take the stairs: Avoid elevators and escalators for short trips. When you are on those stairs, take them two at a time. Don’t just trudge along in slow motion, move briskly.
    1. Lift things: Don’t just slide and shove stuff around, pick them up. Avoid the easy way when moving stuff at home or at the office. Remember to bend your knees fully and keep your back straight when lifting things off the floor.
    1. Welcome the opportunity to walk: Look for ways which can add a few blocks of walking to your daily routine rather then ways to avoid walking. Keep a brisk pace and breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth.

By making just these few simple changes to your daily routine you will find that you feel better in no time. Remember when it comes to fitness, a little bit of something is better then a lot of nothing.



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