What to expect

By Jim Bryan

New clients will go through a break in period of a few workouts depending on their present state of conditioning. The exception will be for in-shape and hard training Athletes. They should be ready and can’t waste time due to their schedule. The question usually pops up “Do I train Males and females differently?” The answer is NO. I train individuals differently dependent upon their goals. Men and Women both have HUMAN skeletal muscles. They both respond to resistance training in the same fashion, but rarely do females end up with huge muscles. It is a genetic thing as well as a hormonal thing. It is very hard for many men to end up with large muscles, and for the most part women do not have the natural hormonal output to allow the growth of big muscles. EVERYONE will be better off with a removal of fat and a LEAN MUSCLE addition. Women will look Toned and in shape with the addition of lean muscle. All workouts are of a progressive nature, they have to be in order to make the changes you’ll want. By progressive I mean we will always try to add weight when possible and/or repetitions. The intensity of the workout grows as you proceed. Again this is dependent upon Clients goals.

Adolescent Training:

I don’t usually take anyone under the age of thirteen. Training young people, even young athletes, is a very serious situation. They can benefit from Strength Training as well as adults but much care must be taken when training them. In order to avoid harming young skeletal formation, limit lifts should not be done. Teens can train very hard but the repetitions should be kept above 15 and limit weights (1 to 3 rep sets) should not be used. Even for adults I usually recommend Higher reps for safety. Don’t think you can’t get strong using higher reps (15-25) because you can! I use the latest research and apply common sense. My goal is Strength plus Conditioning, and is based on over forty years of experience. If someone chooses to become an Olympic Lifter or Power Lifter, and is willing to accept the danger, then that is their choice. I have many years experience on the lifting platform but I don’t actively pursue lifting students. I train clients for overall strength and fitness. This can be used for any sport or athletic event as well as every day living.

Feet must be covered during training. No Sandals, flip flops, or open toed shoes. Athletic shoes best: Tennis, walking, or running shoes.

Remember: The training I use consists of Time efficient Strength, Conditioning, and Fitness. I do not use Gimmicks-Fads-unsafe Supplements or just plain old BS found in most gyms.

Clients will receive one free workout for anyone they send to me that qualifies and signs up for training.

TAKU’s NOTE: I want to take a moment to thank my friend Jim Bryan for being so generous in sharing his excellent articles with us here at Hybrid Fitness. 

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