Taku’s Intervals for the VersaClimber

At the IHRSA 2009 show this year, we had a chance to reconnect with the team from VersaClimber.  We’ve used and recommended their equipment for years because the VersaClimber is one of the most challenging and effective training tools on the market and it continues to get better and better. At Hybrid Fitness, we’re working […]

Peaking for Competition (Taku’s Intervals: PHASE 4)

In sports the competitive season marks the boundaries of your training cycle(s). For sports such as Football, Basketball etc, you can plan according to the needs or goals of each block such as pre-season, in-season, and post- season. For sports with little or no structured season such as MMA and other combat sports then a […]


By TAKU Performance enhancement is the product of practicing the skills involved in the sport, strengthening the muscles and preparing the appropriate energy systems. This basic strength program for MMA was designed to strengthen the entire body as one functional unit in the safest manner possible thus improving performance and helping to prevent injury.   […]

H.I.I.T – The Best Way to Train for Competition

At Hybrid Fitness, we’re big proponents of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). There is constant misconception and misinformation when it comes to training and reaching one’s “cardio” goals, especially when it comes to combat sports. We’ve always supported intervals as the most efficient and effective way of skyrocketing your endurance and developing what we like […]

Frustrated with lack of time

As fitness consultants to a wide variety of individuals, we at Hybrid Fitness deal with one issue in particular that comes up constantly. Time. People always complain about a lack of time in their schedules. With work, kids, family, social groups and all the unforseen issues life throws at you, it’s tough to get time […]

S.P.I.C.E. things up

A common question that comes up with coaches and athletes is how do I make sure my strength and conditioning program is “sports specific”? There are only three things you need to think about improving. Force enhancement via strength training Energy system improvement via sport-related conditioning runs or drills Skill improvement via sport-specific skill training […]

Truth Not Trends: CONDITIONING

1. Because of the specificity of energy demands, varied muscle contraction dynamics and general body stress and fatigue, playing and practicing your sport should be a priority when it comes to physical preparation. As they did in the good ole days, you CAN play yourself into shape. It’s “sport-specific” and still true today. That stated, […]