About Hybrid Fitness

Hybrid Fitness is comprised of a team of highly motivated and disciplined fitness professionals. We are dedicated to the pursuit, acquisition and application of current, reliable knowledge in the field of exercise science and related disciplines. We take a synergistic approach to helping our members and clients achieve their health, aesthetic and athletic goals. Combining all aspects of total fitness such as; strength, endurance and flexibility with sound nutrition, proper biomechanics and recuperation, we help to create a whole that is greater then the sum of it’s parts.


At Hybrid Fitness we are well versed in current strength training and conditioning protocols and in the physiological mechanisms and principals underlying their application towards creating more effective individuals. For athletes, regardless of your sport or your current level of proficiency Hybrid Fitness can create a program that will improve your performance. Using our state of the art system we will assess your current strengths and weaknesses and design, implement and update comprehensive training regimens that will enhance all aspects of your athletic performance.

Remember all things being equal; a stronger athlete is a better athlete. At Hybrid Fitness we will help you improve your strength, explosiveness, stamina, and flexibility. Using our Mac-Map P.E.P. nutrition system** we will educate you on how to properly fuel your body for peak performance. Finally we will teach you how to combine all the elements of a total conditioning program in the most time efficient and effective manner possible.

When it comes to strength and conditioning programs designed to enhance sports performance Hybrid Fitness does it all. The rest is up to you.

**Mac-Map P.E.P. = Macronutrient Manipulation Personal Eating Plan

6 Responses

  1. Hi! I hope this comment finds you well. I am new to your blog and I am enjoying hearing about your various ways of staying motivated and keeping fit. I really liked the video of the guy basically doing a super-advanced jungle gym! I wish I had one of those.

    On an unrelated note, I was curious to see if you would consider setting up a text link on your Blogroll or somewhere on your site to a site I am working with. Let me know what your conditions are. I’d really appreciate it.

  2. Hi Hybrid Fitness,

    My client has recently come across your site and they are very interested in having a text link in your blogroll.

    How can we go about doing so?

    • Hi Tyler:

      Please have your client contact us or post a comment with link details. We’ll evaluate it and get back to them right away.

      Thanks for reading!

      Hybrid Fitness team

  3. Hello,
    I know this might seem like a strange question, but, if you can please help me out that would be wonderful. I want to know whether i can cut ab workouts out of my workout routine.
    I simply don’t have the time or the effort to include this muscle group any more. I only use calisthenic exercises, so my workouts always incorporate the abdominal muscles in at least some way. What should I do?

    • Hey Fonz,

      Yes, it is possible to cut out direct AB work and still get fit. However, I recommend that you train your AB’s as you would any other muscle group. This means High intensity, low volume. My “AB” routine consists of three total sets (flexion – extension – rotation) each done for approximately 60-90 seconds. So your looking at adding only 3-5 minutes to your workout. Do them first and you’ll be warmed up, ready to go and never miss out on them again.


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