We’re MOVING!!!

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Greetings friends, fans, visitors new, and old. I am excited to announce that HYBRID FITNESS is moving.  Starting today (and moving forward) you can find us at our new on-line location TRUTH NOT TRENDS.

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T.N.T. will be home to our brand new PODCAST on Effort-Based, evidence based A.K.A. H.I.T. exercise. Every week we’ll offer useful, and informative content to help you achieve your fitness goals in the safest most efficient, and effective manner possible. We will also be featuring awesome guest interviews as well as continue our tradition of putting out high quality blog content on all aspects of health & fitness.

So come on over and see our new home on the web. While you’re there don’t forget to subscribe. New episodes available on Google Play & iTunes NOW!.

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P.S Thanks to all of my friends, new and frequent visitors, as well as valued content contributors for all of your support over the last ten years. Rest assured that T.N.T. will be a worthwhile destination in your quest for useful and informative health and fitness content on the web.

Click any of the links to visit our new WEBSITE immediately!!!


Hey there…thanks for stopping by. Due to some family obligations I am temporarily not adding any new content. There are literally hundreds of articles to choose from in my archives, going all the way back to 2008. Please take a moment to look around, I am sure you will find stuff worth exploring.  I’ll be back soon with new content for you to enjoy.





Hey everyone, I am taking a little break. This will be the first time in 5 years that I have not updated my blog at least once a week or so. For new visitors, I have five years worth of stuff on here so there is tons of great information to keep you busy. For any regulars (if I actually have some) don’t worry, I’ll be back soon, and fired up to get things going again. Till then, take care, be well, and enjoy the rest of your summer.



TAKU Interview at Breaking Muscle

Hey Gang,

Check out my featured interview along with some of my  S&C programming over at Breaking Muscle. Thanks go to Becca Borawski, Managing Editor, for doing an awesome job over there.

Thanks Becca!!



ANNOUNCEMENT: BlackJack Fitness is LIVE!

We’ve been working hard to put the finishing touches on the new BlackJack Conditioning Program, but it’s finally done.  BlackJack is a comprehensive program designed to promote strength, conditioning and endurance, utilizing very inexpensive and easily-obtainable training tools including sandbags, sportbands and the easiest of all, bodyweight.  The program includes a nutrition section as well, along with an incredibly detailed breakdown of every exercise in the program, including pictures.

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I’ve tested the program on a very diverse group of people over the past several months – everyone from retirees to top-level athletes.  It absolutely rocked every one of them.  We incorporated it into a bootcamp program as well and the results are pretty astounding.  We’re very happy with the end result.  Take a look here for much more detail.  Watch the trailer, if you haven’t already, and post any questions you have.

We included a bunch of other options for you in addition to the eBook so please take a close look at everything that’s available.  Some of the bundles will literally save you over $100.

BlackJack + Mod.1 Bodyweight Conditioning DVDs

BlackJack + 1-Year Subscription to Hybrid Fitness

BlackJack + 1-Year Subscription to Hybrid Fitness + Mod.1 Bodyweight Conditioning DVD

Thanks for the support, everyone.  We’re very particular about the products we create.  We’re very confident that BlackJack will exceed your expectations in both presentation and effectiveness.  As both a coach and a fitness enthusiast, I would buy this program in a heartbeat.

Keep training hard!


UPDATE! www.hybridfitness.tv has launched!

It’s been a long time coming, but Hybridfitness.tv is finally live.  If you haven’t already, please visit the site and see what’s available.  We’ve put together hundreds of articles, audio clips and video presentations.  We’ve also added a few other cool custom features.  If you’re not on our mailing list, please sign into the box on the top/right of the page.  We’ll send out free training info and programs and keep you informed of new things we’re working on.  It’s 100% spam free – don’t worry.

One of these features can be found on the right-side navigation bar and it’s titled “Exercise Video Database”.  This database contains nearly 500 videos which can be selected by exercises type, equipment type or zone of the body.  You can select individual videos and see how a particular exercise is performed, then click for a detailed description of each exercise.

Additionally, you can create custom video playlists for yourself or others.  Begin by selecting your desired videos, then arrange them in the order you want.  You can add notes for repetition count, set count, time, etc., then export the playlist to a weblink or embed it directly in your own blog.  We’re adding more videos to the library all the time and of course, we’ll be posting our own custom workouts on an ongoing basis.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this.

We’ve also got a new blog site established to take the place of this one.  It’s still free, just new and improved.  Please visit the new location at www.hybridfitness.tv/blog

Thanks for your continued support.

Keep training hard.