Four on the Floor: Core Training w/ Video

Here is a little midsection circuit I use quite often with my clients. Depending on the current abilities of the individual in question I may use this as part of a dynamic warm-up or even as the main focus of their mid-section training. This series may be easily done using just ones bodyweight or enhanced slightly with the addition of a stability ball.

As the name implies there are four movements done in succession in this circuit. They are:

1. Hip Curls
2. Windshield Wipers
3. Crunches
4. Bridges

As with most of my training I may do these movements for time or repetitions. Either way I strive to have the execution performed with smooth control over the greatest range of motion possible. In the video you will see the circuit performed using a small (45cm) stability ball. These same basic movements can easily be done using only ones body weight.