Exercise of the Week: Sportband Squats (w/ video)

I ran some of my bootcamp folks through a number of conditioning drills this week using a variety of sportbands.  These babies are not the ones you get from the local sporting goods store.  You get them online from places like Iron Woody Fitness.   They vary in resistance from a few pounds up to 200+ pounds.  They are the great equalizer when it comes to resistance training.  Use the right band with the right exercise and it will challenge absolutely ANYONE.  I guarantee that.

One of my favorite movements is the Sportband Squat.  It’s an awesome drill for developing strength, power and endurance in the legs.  Trust me when I say it’s a lot harder than it looks.  Here’s how it’s performed:

  • Step inside a sportband and secure it under both feet placed shoulder width apart.
  • Loop the other end of the band over the head and allow it to rest on the shoulders behind the neck.
  • Bend the knees and press the hips backward, lowering the body to a 90 degree bend at the knee.
  • Extend the legs and stand upright, keeping the eyes and head forward and the back in stable position.

To see a video of the sportband squat from they Hybrid Fitness video library, click here.


Picture 9


Picture 8

A little resistance can actually go a long way with this drill, so keep that in mind when you give it a shot.  Start light and progress up as your strength allows.

More great sportband drills and a big announcement or two forthcoming so keep checking back!
Until next time, keep training hard!


ANNOUNCEMENT: BlackJack Fitness is LIVE!

We’ve been working hard to put the finishing touches on the new BlackJack Conditioning Program, but it’s finally done.  BlackJack is a comprehensive program designed to promote strength, conditioning and endurance, utilizing very inexpensive and easily-obtainable training tools including sandbags, sportbands and the easiest of all, bodyweight.  The program includes a nutrition section as well, along with an incredibly detailed breakdown of every exercise in the program, including pictures.

Bj shot copy
I’ve tested the program on a very diverse group of people over the past several months – everyone from retirees to top-level athletes.  It absolutely rocked every one of them.  We incorporated it into a bootcamp program as well and the results are pretty astounding.  We’re very happy with the end result.  Take a look here for much more detail.  Watch the trailer, if you haven’t already, and post any questions you have.

We included a bunch of other options for you in addition to the eBook so please take a close look at everything that’s available.  Some of the bundles will literally save you over $100.

BlackJack + Mod.1 Bodyweight Conditioning DVDs

BlackJack + 1-Year Subscription to Hybrid Fitness

BlackJack + 1-Year Subscription to Hybrid Fitness + Mod.1 Bodyweight Conditioning DVD

Thanks for the support, everyone.  We’re very particular about the products we create.  We’re very confident that BlackJack will exceed your expectations in both presentation and effectiveness.  As both a coach and a fitness enthusiast, I would buy this program in a heartbeat.

Keep training hard!


Must See!! Some of the most ridiculous exercise equipment ever!

Hey Everyone –

I thought you all might get a kick out of this article from the San Francisco Chronicle profiling some of the biggest wastes of money to ever hit the fitness industry.  The author, Peter Hartlaub, found some absolute GEMS and posted his favorites.  NOTE:  Pay special attention to the Shake Weight and the Hawaii Chair.

I agree with the ridiculousness of all of these, aside from the Total Gym, which I’ve tried and actually like…sort of.  Granted, I don’t find it worth the price or  nearly as effective as the round-the-clock ads tout, but it’s pitched by Chuck Norris, so…it’s got that going for it.

Read the article, enjoy the videos and please post any comments below.  I’d love to hear if anyone has actually purchased and/or used any of these with any kind of results.  That includes everything from weight loss to vertigo to tendonitis of the wrist.   Don’t worry – your anonymity is safe with me!


Keep training hard!


BlackJack Fitness – Don’t Miss Out!!

This is a project we’ve been working on for a while now.  BlackJack Fitness will be launching next week.   BlackJack is custom training protocol from Hybrid’s very own Liam “Taku” Bauer.  The BlackJack program is awesome at building incredible conditioning & shedding pounds and comes complete with pre-made training circuits, detailed nutrition plan, movement descriptions, printable workout templates, meal ideas for breakfast, lunch & dinner and tons more.

The book is over 130 pages in length and, unlike many, many other ebooks and programs, this one is ALL INFORMATION!  What do I mean by that?  Well, most ebooks that I’ve either purchased or seen have about 60-70% information and 30-40% ads and “filler” at the end.  BlackJack is all business.  No ads, no filler, no BS.  Best of all, it can be tapered to fit virtually any fitness level.  I’ve tried it and I’ve ran clients of all levels through it.  It works every time.  I adapted it to a corporate bootcamp as well with exactly the same results.

It adheres to the Hybrid Fitness motto of “Low Tech Tools / High Performance Results”, meaning you don’t need to spend a bunch of money on equipment.  In fact, you don’t have to spend any money on equpment if you don’t want to.

Check it out:  ——–>  BlackJack Fitness

Sign in and we’ll let you know when it goes live next week.

Thanks and keep training hard!