IHRSA Episode #9 – Concept 2 Rower

YouTube was giving me a hard time and not letting me upload this vid….that’s why I had to jump to number 10.

This is the latest installment from the IHRSA videos series.  Here we talk about the Concept 2 Rowing Ergometer. The Concept 2 ergs have been around for a while and the basic design and function, much like the VersaClimber, has not changed.  What that means is they got it right the first time.  I’ve used Concept 2’s for endurance training as well as for sprint and interval training.  The C2 is designed to have you use the entire body on each stroke and regardless of how hard you pull, the C2 can keep up with you (and then some).  The new digital interfaces offer complete, real-time information on you stroke rate, distance, time, split time and more.  You can even set up custom training programs with it.

This is easily one of our “Top 5” most liked pieces.  No facility is complete without one.   If you have one at your gym and you’ve been reluctant to try, now is the time.  We’ve got some good interval protocols for this pre-made for you at Hybrid Fitness.

Good luck and feel free to email us or post a question to the comments section if you need ideas for a good interval program.

Look out for more vids this week.  Keep training hard!