Coaches Corner: Conditioning

Six Factors for Assessing Activity or Sport:

As a conditioning specialist I must have the ability to adapt the programs I develop to a variety of training objectives and goals. This ability to adapt is required of me due to the broad array of clients and athletes I may encounter during any given period. It is important that I view all people individually and evaluate all training variables that relate to their program. To achieve this end I must consider the following six training variables when creating a comprehensive conditioning program:

1. Energy systems to be utilized.

2. Demands to be placed on each energy system.

3. Ways that each energy system will change according to competition or position.

4. Active movement to recovery ratios.

5. Sports specific demands of the activity and what is necessary for a comprehensive conditioning program.

6. The development of a periodic training plan designed to incorporate all training variables, adjusted as needed over time.

The above six factors are just a few of the things I take into consideration when developing a comprehensive conditioning program for the athletes I am working with.

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