Must See Movie!

All of us here at Hybrid Fitness are major Movie buffs. I think I have seen every single movie that Hollywood has put out this summer. Every now and then you get one that is relatively entertaining like Iron Man or the Dark Knight but for the most part they are junk.

Living where I do in Northern California I am lucky enough to be surrounded by theaters that show a wide variety of independant films as well as the usual main stream schlock. I was recently lucky enough to catch one such independant release that I really enjoyed.

Bigger Stronger Faster is a film about much more then steroids and their use, misuse and abuse. It is a film about American culture and our obsession to win at all costs. It takes a close look at the ideas we have about drugs, winning, and a lot more. This film is not a pro-steroid film as some have said, nor is it anti-steroid. I feel it is presented in a relatively even tone and lets the viewer draw their own conclusions.

Rotten Tomatoes says “Bigger Stronger Faster” is a fascinating, informative, entertaining and especially introspective account of the American “enhancement” culture.

Let’s face it. Hollywood movies come and go but rarely do they leave a lasting impression. This is one of the few films that I have actually bothered to see more then once. Do your self a favor and go see this film. You might just learn something.