As far as I am concerned nutrition is the foundation of health. After years as a trainer and coach, I have seen that people consistently struggle with dialing in their nutrition more than any other factor of health and fitness. With this in mind, I offer a few simple strategies that may help you get this often challenging aspect of your personal health and fitness routine, under control.

FIRST: The hard facts!

  • There is no supplement to increase personal discipline!
  • You can’t out work a bad eating plan!
  • Quality Nutrition controls hormonal response (a calorie is not always calorie)

Insulin – triggers fat storage (too much sugar)

Glucagon – triggers fat burning (favoring protein dominant meals)

Don’t make excuses…

– “Everything in moderation”, is a set up for failure!

Learn to eat High-Quality food year-round, (without gorging!)

Take some responsibility for your actions!


Nutritional Strategies for long term success!

  • Control Quality -1 week.

First control Quality.

This alone may help control frequency and quantity.

  • Control Frequency -1 week.

With controlled quality, frequency is easier to control.

It also controls energy levels and insulin response.

  • Control Quantity -1-week.

By this time – the quantities of food are naturally smaller.

More nutrient dense and thermic foods.

Controlling Quality!

Week 1

  • Start eating more High-Quality foods. If it is in a box, bag, or can, and has a label don’t eat it. Strive for Free-Range Organic Meats. Raw, Organic, full-fat dairy. Chicken and eggs from Free-Range chickens. Local fresh fruits and vegetables (try the Farmer’s Market).
  • You will burn calories breaking down whole foods – as much as 300 additional calories per day (i.e. the Thermic Effect of food).
  • Processed foods should be avoided.

Controlling Frequency!

Week 2

  • Eat 3 & 2 (3 meals and 2 snacks every day). DO NOT SKIP MEALS.*
  • *If ONLY CRAP is available – Use this as an unexpected time to fast.
  • Remember, sometimes it’s okay to be hungry.
  • You have to feed the person you want to be, not the person you are right now!

Controlling Quantity!

Week 3

  • By now – your stomach has shrunk a bit and you are eating less anyway!!
  • When you’re full – stop eating.
  • Eat slow to give your blood sugar time to go up a little and signal you that you are full; you’ll eat less.
  • Feed your ideal bodyweight and add a 0. If you want to weigh 130 lbs. eat 1300 calories over 5-6 meals!!
  • Don’t miss exercise sessions. You don’t miss emails, texts, phone calls, and FACEBOOK, don’t miss your exercise!

Strategic approach!

Have healthy snacks ready everywhere!

  • Keep non-perishable foods around, and carry a small cooler!

– Nuts & seeds (walnuts. Almonds, Brazil nuts)

– Hard-boiled eggs, String Cheese

– Apples, Celery stalks

  • You’ll eat less!

– Have a healthy Protein Snack before you go food shopping!

– Have a healthy Protein Snack before you go to a party!

  • Don’t buy junk food.

– If it does not belong in your stomach it does not belong in your House / kitchen!

Well…there you have it. some simple strategies to aid you on your personal quest for lifelong health and fitness. Remember, nutrition is the foundation of health. Take the ideas I have outlined above and put them into practice today!





Makeshift Gym + Intervals = ???

Makeshift gym + Intervals = Success!

Thought I’d share another success story for you. I’ve got a client who, together with her husband, make a very comfortable living. Without going into detail about their financial situation, suffice it to say they live in a million-dollar home and drive luxury cars. Why not, they’ve earned it!

They could easily afford memberships to the ritziest clubs in the city. Instead, they opt for a different situation. The wife trains with me a couple times per week. We begin most sessions with a short warm-up run, followed by a set of high-intensity sprint intervals. We run back to the house and hit the “gym”. The gym is a small section of the garage with a handful of equipment. Literally, it consists of a sandbag, a kettlebell, a medicine ball, a couple sets of dumbbells and a selection of sportbands. Why work out in her garage when she could be working out in style and comfort at a club? Simply because she’s only focussed on results. Who cares how big a gym’s pool is or what kind of bottled water the sell (overcharge for)? If you’re goal is to get in shape, it’s not about where you train, but how you train.

The intervals, along with the resistance training, has transformed her body (almost) back to what it was in college. It has nothing to do with the brand of cardio equipment, the size of the fitness room or the price of the membership. Honestly, the total cost of ALL her equipment is still less than one month’s membership at the top clubs in the city and easily less than 2 months at mid-level clubs…including the YMCA! Plus, she doesn’t have to drive anywhere or factor in that extra time in the morning. (BTW, thanks to Iron Woody Fitness for providing the gear at great prices!)

So the bottom line is, it’s not where you train but how you train and how HARD you train. You can get instant gratification from your training, but it’s always going to be directly related to the work you put into it. If you train hard and train consistently, you will succeed. If you need to hire a trainer to keep you on task, do it, but make sure you’re getting the most out of the time. If you don’t feel like you’re being pushed hard enough, speak up…it’s your money, after all.

So quit reading this blog and get training! Well…maybe read a few more posts, forward the URL onto your friends and family, THEN get to training. 🙂

Keep training hard!

Jason K.

P.S.: If you haven’t yet, take a look at Iron Woody Fitness. I can’t say enough good things about them. I purchased a few sets of bands several years ago and I still use the same bands today. Trust me, they’ve seen their fair share of use, but they continue endure the punishment I throw at them. That goes for the bells I’ve purchased as well. Bottom line is, they have great products, superior customer service and rockin’ prices. Yes, we’re an Iron Woody affiliate and proud of it.