The most important supplement

Would you like to learn about a substance that can improve sports performance, rev up your metabolism, enhance speed, increase strength and positively impact cognitive function?

No it isn’t the latest magic formula from the supplement industry, it’s WATER! Water is not only important in numerous bodily functions but when utilized properly can enhance athletic performance. When dehydration begins, even a 3% drop from optimum fluid levels may cause an 8% loss in a muscles contractile strength as well as a 10% loss of speed. Dehydration can even negatively impact cognitive function, on or off the playing field.

Two of the most common ailments that I encounter, which are often treated with over the counter medications are, headaches and acid reflux. Both of these may be diminished or even completely cured through proper hydration.*

I feel that most people, including athletes, are not properly hydrated. By over looking this simple but powerful substance you may be holding back your sports performance as well as contributing to daily discomfort from other problems. So before you drop a boat load of cash on the latest miracle supplement from the bodybuilding nutrition “experts” or grab another box of those purples pills; make a concerted effort to become properly hydrated and stay that way.

I am confident that you will notice the difference.



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*This article is not a recommendation to stop any prescribed treatment you may be undertaking with the care of your personal health care provider.