Hybrid Fitness hangs with Lou Ferrigno

Being comic book fans from way back, Taku and I took an afternoon to hang out at the always-entertaining WonderCon convention in San Francisco. WonderCon is a mecca of all things comics, sci-fi and games. Needless to say, it’s some of the best people-watching you will experience…ever.

What does WonderCon have to do with fitness? Very little, except for the legend himself, Lou Ferrigno. WonderCon was a good excuse to get a photo op with the one and only Incredible Hulk.  Lou is a nice guy and still in amazing shape. He was good enough to pose for a photo with us and our “Got Snatch?” shirts. If you haven’t seen the shirts yet, check them out in the “Products” section of this blog.


As for Lou, he and the rest of the Ferrigno family are fitness pros. Give him a visit at www.louferrigno.com

Until next time, keep training hard!

Hybrid Fitness