Passing of a Legend

I just found out that Jack Lalanne has left us. I am saddened by the news, but recognize that he lived a very long and amazing life, full of adventures and incredible feats of strength and fitness. I am sure that the web is buzzing with this news, but felt I should at least pause for a moment and honor this man who was a  true pioneer in the pursuit of health and fitness.

Visit these links to find out some of Jacks amazing accomplishments:




Take a moment of Silence….




How Much Fun Would THIS Be?

I first noticed this video about a year ago and immediately though “Damn, that would be so much fun to have access to”.  Think about it – you’d be teaching your body to move like it did when you were a kid.

Working with as many people as we do, that’s one of the common replies that comes up when we ask people what their fitness goals are.  They want to be able to move like they did as a kid, like when they would climb trees or play on the bars during recess.

Is it possible to regain that strength and mobility?  Absolutely.  It takes time and focus…and there is no “quick fix” but it’s definitely possible.  You’re in the right place.  Head over to our main site and sign in.  We’ll keep you informed with fitness and nutrition tips that you won’t find anywhere else.

Keep training hard and start thinking like a 10 yr. old!