Hey gang, many of you may not know that I am not only a strength and conditioning coach, but I am a pretty good cook as well. Over the years, I have created tons of delicious, healthy recipes for my clients and myself. Today I am sharing one of my favorites. These FISH BURGERs are easy to make, and taste great. Have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a healthy snack.


3-cans (6 ounces white meat) tuna packed in water (salmon or other canned fish of choice may also be used)
6 egg whites
1 organic apple (your choice, I like Fuji’s)
1 medium onion (I like Red Onions)
1.5 cups oatmeal (organic, old fashioned)
1 Tbsp. “Jerk” seasoning (or spices of choice)


1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees
2. Rinse Tuna to remove some of the salt. To do this first remove the lids from the cans and drain the water out completely. Next poke a fork into the tuna several times to create some small holes. Fill the cans with warm water and let sit for a few minutes. Then just squeeze out the water again and you are ready to go
3. Blend oatmeal until it becomes powdered
4. Chop apple and onion into small (1/4 inch pieces)
5. Mix all ingredients in a bowl (add small amount of water if needed)
6. Divide mix evenly into 6 patties
7. Place patties evenly spaced on a cookie sheet (pre-sprayed with non-stick cooking spray)
8. Sprinkle patties with additional seasoning if desired
Bake for 25 minutes or until golden brown



Almost Raw Fish

I love to eat sushi. I could probably eat it every day and never get sick of it. But it wasn’t always that way. Years ago a friend and mentor tried to turn me on to sushi. Well. I’ll tell you I was not having it. Raw fish!? No F~!@# way!

A year or so later I got a job at a Creole restaurant. The head Chef decided I should be an oyster shucker. He taught me the technique and I started opening clams and oysters as my full time job. At peak time I probably opened at least 300 raw shell fish a night. Well, after a few months of this…I got curious and decided to try some of these slimy, gooey looking things. What can I say; it was love at first bite. Once I tried raw oysters, sushi didn’t seem like a bad idea so I dove right in. I have never looked back.

For a lot of you I am probably preaching to the choir, but I know there are still some who feel the idea of raw fish is just too hard to swallow (pun intended). I am going to share with you one of my favorite foods of all time. I call it Almost Raw Fish. However, most of the world calls it Ceviche.

Many of you may find (as I have) that Almost Raw Fish actually tastes better than the cooked version. Check out my simple recipe below.

1. Lemons or Limes: 5-6 (I prefer limes or a mix of both)
2. Garlic: 3-5 Large cloves (More is better with me and garlic so I use 8 cloves)
3. Onion: 1-2 Large (I prefer Red)
4. Pinch Sea Salt (optional)
5. Avocado: 1-2 Large (not too ripe)
6. Tomato: 1 large
7. White Fish Fillets: 4-6 large Fillets
8. Optional: Sweet and or hot peppers (I like it hot!)

Crush up the Garlic, chop the Onion and set aside.

Cut the fish up into small strips or cubes (about 1 inch each). Throw them into a mixing bowl. Squeeze the lemons, limes or both into the bowl. You may need more or less depending on how much fish you use. Basically you want enough so the fish is fully covered.

Mix in the garlic, chopped onion and sea salt.

Add peppers if you got em.

Now place the mixture into your fridge overnight or for at least 4 hrs. When you come back to it the fish will have turned white. This is because the enzymes in the citrus juice have ‘cooked’ it for you.

Now, chop the tomato and avocado into very small pieces and mix with the fish.

Serve chilled and enjoy.

There are literally hundreds of different Ceviche recipes around, and after you experiment with this one, I encourage you to get creative and make up some of your own. Almost Raw Fish not only tastes great but it provides a simple and delicious way to pack your Personal Eating Plan with high quality protein.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to make yourself some Almost Raw Fish this week. Follow my recipe for starters (it can also be done with shrimp by the way).
Another option is to check around and see if there are any South American restaurants in your area that feature Almost Raw Fish (Ceviche). Either way, once you have tried this stuff, I think you may find that you quickly become a convert.



P.S. After you go home and make yourself some Almost Raw Fish, post a comment and be sure to let me know what you think.

Eat a salad

By now most of us know we should be getting multiple servings of fruits and veggies every day. It seems many folks feel that this is a difficult thing to do at times. The truth is, even if you eat out every day for almost every meal you have lots of ways to get those fruits and veggies in to your personal eating plan. One way is to replace your rice, potato’s or pasta with extra fruit and or veggies. Whether you are dining at a fancy restaurant or the local Denny’s there are always some sort of fruits and veggies available.

If you are a sandwich person and you often find your self at one of the many local deli chains, try the following. Order your favorite 6″ sandwich and ask for double meat, extra veggies, no mayo, (have oil & vinegar instead) and hold the cheese. For more fruit just ask for it in place of the chips, cookies or what ever you usually have for dessert.

My favorite way to get more fruits and veggies into my personal eating plan is to eat at least one big salad every day. To me the best salads and the best salad dressings are the ones you make yourself. You might think it’s a pain to make a big salad every day, and creating a tasty dressing may seem like rocket science to those who rarely cook. I am going to make it really easy for you by giving you both a delicious dressing recipe as well as a great salad that will give a nice boost to your daily veggie quota.

Make the salad and dressing the night before and place them in some type of reseal-able, to-go containers. This way all you have to do is grab them on your way out the door and you’ll be well stocked for later in the day. As I mentioned above, have a piece of fruit as dessert after your salad. Stick with fruits that are grab and go like Apples Oranges and Bananas.

For you fast food junkies who spend your lunch break hanging with the King, the Clown or that guy with the big round head and pointy hat, remember that even the fast food chains have some form of salad and fruit options these days. Finally, if all else fails and you are really pressed for time, you can always buy one of the many pre-made salads at your local super market.

So you see, there really is no excuse not to eat a salad.



Quick and tasty Caesar dressing:

1 Tbsp Olive oil.
1 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar.
1/2 Tbsp Lemon juice.
3 cloves garlic (crushed).
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce.
1 tsp Anchovy paste.
1 tsp creamy Dijon mustard.
1/2 tsp pepper (black or white).

Mixed Veggie salad:

Romaine lettuce, 1 cup (3 leaves torn).
Green peppers, 1/4 cup chopped.
Celery, 2-3 stalks chopped.
Cucumber, 1/4 cup sliced.
Cherry tomatoes, about 5 halved.
Mushrooms, 1/4 cup sliced.
Hard boiled eggs, 2 sliced.
Feta cheese, 1-2 ounces crumbled.
Dressing of your choice, 2 Tbsp. (Try that Tasty Caesar)

“Almost” RAW Eggs

You know those movies like Rocky, or Electra Glide in Blue, where you see the hero drink down a big gulp sized glass of raw eggs? Have you ever tried it? Drinking raw eggs is not the easiest thing to do. The texture is not the greatest and the flavor is not so great either.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love eggs. I use eggs quite a bit in my personal eating plan, they are a great source of protein as well as other important nutrients. I even use raw eggs in some of my favorite recipes. I’ll admit however that I have only actually been able to drink a glass full of raw eggs on one occasion.

Some people are afraid that raw eggs may be a source of salmonella. The secret to eating raw eggs safely is to get the freshest eggs possible and to know the source. If you are worried about getting sick but still would like to use eggs in your recipes, try using “almost” raw eggs. Almost raw eggs allow you to enjoy your eggs with no fear that they will make you sick while you still have an egg with a loose consistency for salad dressings, home made mayo, aoli etc.

Here is how you make them “almost” raw:

1. Put egg(s) out at room temperature

2. Boil water and then turn it off (leaving on burner)

3. Put egg(s) immediately in water and leave for 5-6 minutes

4. After 5-6 minutes has elapsed, empty hot water

5. Before breaking eggs run under cold water for a few seconds ( you don’t want to burn your hands)

6. Break open egg(s) into bowl or blender etc. You may need a spoon to scoop out some of the whites which may be slightly stiff.

Well there you go, an easy way to make your eggs safe and still enjoy them in your favorite recipes. Remember to check back here for more nutrition tips as well as other ideas about how to enhance your own personal eating plan.