Simple Safe Sound….

By Jim Bryan
With all the new training options that have sprung up in the area, I thought I would re-emphasize what I do.
  1. I don’t use ballistic, speed driven, bodyweight exercises.
  2. I don’t follow gimmicky trends or the latest fitness craze.
  3. I don’t recommend questionable and sometimes dangerous supplements.
  4. I don’t use unsafe movements or exercises that are not beneficial to your condition.
  5. I do believe in safe and productive training.
  6. I do use progressive resistance training.
  7. I use free weight exercises, as well as machine training.
  8. I also utilize bodyweight exercise but I recommend doing them with controlled momentum.
  9. I pattern workouts to client.
  10. I use proven exercises and training routines that are tailor made to the client.
  11. I believe in prudent, practical, and safe strength and conditioning.
  12. I use the latest, proven exercise science.
  13. I believe in short, intense (intensity is client driven) workouts with short rest periods.
  14. My goal for clients is: Strength Training sessions and conditioning all in one workout. “Metabolic Training”
  15. I use mostly “full body” workouts, with emphasis on any “weak areas.”
  16. I encourage an active life style and not just gym training.
  17. All training is private.

TAKU’s NOTE: This week features some simple, safe, and sound, training guidelines from my freind and mentor Jim Bryan.


Big Jim

Hey everyone,

Jason and I just finished up an awesome week at IHRSA 2009. While we met a lot of great folks there one of the standouts for me was Big Jim Flanagan. Big Jim has been involved in health and fitness education for 40 years and has worked with the US military, FBI, CIA, professional sports teams (23 in the NFL alone) to name just a few.

As you can see from the photo, Big Jim definitely lives up to his name. What stands out immediately when you meet him however is not his formidable size but his kind, genuine and sincere demeanor.


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Coaches Corner: Strength

Six Guidelines for creating successful strength training Programs.

In today’s edition of the Coaches Corner series, I present six basic guidelines I follow when creating strength training programs for my athletes and clients.

1. Maintain progressive overloads

2. Establish short-term objectives and long-term goals

3. Keep accurate training records and perform evaluations frequently

4. Always use proper technique and a spotter when needed. Safety is always a concern

5. Build in variety to avoid physical and psychological burn-out and over training

6. Make strength training fun, safe, challenging and injury free

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