Sandbag Training

At Hybrid Fitness, we like to work with a number of different training tools. One of our favorites is the sandbag. The sandbag is a great training tool for a number of reasons.


1.) Cost Effective. Sandbags are very inexpensive, making them easy for anyone to afford.

2.) Versatile. A sandbag has all sorts of hold-points (handles) and can be used for dynamic lifting, static contraction, Olympic lifting, metabolic training, plyometrics, strength, endurance, etc. It’s all boils down to how you choose to use it.

3.) Mobile. You can easily toss them in your car or truck.

4.) Adjustable. This one is a bit confusing, as each bag is designed to hold a specific amount and weight of sand or rice or whatever you put in it. Here’s a tip: By taking smaller zip-loc bags and filling them with sand, you can still get the desired weight, but can easily remove or replace the weight as needed. This works great if you only have one bag, but it’s too heavy for some ranges of motion.

Once you’ve got your bag, you’ll need to fill it. We prefer sand, but as mentioned above, you can use rice, buckwheat or whatever you have access to.

Now that you’ve got the bag and you’ve got the sand, guess what…you’re ready to go!

Here are some basic movements to get you started:

Sandbag Front Squat:


Sandbag Deadlift:


Sandbag Floor Press:


Sandbag Front Squat & Press:

Remember, you can use the bags to curl, pull, press, throw, jump or whatever else your protocol calls for. If you’re unsure how to perform a particular move, don’t do it until you get direction or a better understanding of it. Check out for lots more exercises.

To purchase sandbags, visit the crew at Iron Woody Fitness. They’ll get you taken care of right away.

Train hard!

The Hybrid Fitness Team